Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple
Roli, at first is speechless. But then viru starts laughing which suprises her and her family too. He tells her that he was just pulling a prank on her, and that he wont come in khushi’s allegations. He says that he trusts her and she has proved it to him too. He wont let khushi distract him from roli. Mataji laments that she thought for a moment that their roli is back, but she was mistaken. seeing roli sad, viru asks for forgiveness saying that he wont ever pull a prank like this on her ever again. Roli smiles so that viru doest get a hint, while mausiji is relieved that she didnt buckle under pressure. She tries simar’s phone, that she left in the house only, and thinks that how would she know where simar is? Meanwhile the priest

makes them complete 2 more pheras. Mausiji thinks that she would have to come up with a different plan. She messages roli that she should somehow delay the pheras for just some more time, as simar is on her way and would reach here soon. She, after reading the message, pretends to be unconscious. Mausiji too tags in and seperates viru from roli, and tends to her, thereby delaying the pheras. Mausiji asks her to sit and relax, but viru says that they cant wait anymore as the shubh muhurat would pass and that he would carry her in his arms and complete the remaining 2 pheras. She screams NO but then composes herself and says that she would rather hold his hand and walk slowly with him for the 2 pheras left.

Roli is very scared but not seeing any other choice, she starts walking and completes the sixth phera with him. The priest says that they should now proceed to the last phera. Viru says that just one more phera is remaining for roli to be his wife for eternity. Roli is shocked to hear this. He starts taking the final phera with her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Simar asks the cab driver to move fast. Simar prays to the goddess to make them reach before the pheras. Sid is confused, but simar asks him not to question anything since they would have to reach fast, for the well being of roli and the family. Just then, the tyre gets punctured, and sid gets out to check along with driver. Simar, seeing that she doesnt have the time to wait, steps out of the car, and runs forward. Sid, seeing this, pays the driver and runs after her. As sid tries to catch up with simar, simar is running breathlessly to reach the temple in time.

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple
Viru tells roli that they have finally won and their love shall last forever. As he goes on to say that after this, she would forever be his wife. But simar stops him saying that the seventh and final phera is still not complete, and she would see that it doesnt happen. Viru is shocked to hear this and roli is relieved. The bharadwaj family is surprised. She says that just like his dream, his marriage too would be incomplete. Viru asks who would stop him, she herself. Simar says that her sister, roli would stop this. Viru says that she is out of her mind, as roli is getting married on her will as she loves him and will never leave her. roli says that she would indeed leave him and he cant stop her, taking the property papers and showing them to viru, and breaking off their GADBHANDHAN. Viru is shocked and out of rage on hearing this. Mausiji has a victorious smile, while roli says that she wont have to enact this drama anymore, as she still has more concern for her family’s respect and honour. She breaks off his assumption, saying that she doesnt love him, and that her family is everything for her, due to which she had to enact this drama with him. She has just taken revenge for evereything that viru did along with khushi, against them. Khushi barges in saying that he must be at peace now, after having lost everything, as he was blinded by love. Roli taunts him saying that khushi is right. When viru asks her why she did this to him, aftre all he did for her, Roli says that he belongs to noone. Just like, he betrayed khushi for her, similarly she dicthed him for her family, hence she’s not at fault. Viru asks if everything with him about hers was a lie. She says that everything that they had was a lie. She reminds him that every changed manner about hers was a lie that she had to enact, and the pretense of hating her family to win his trust. But she hadnt thought that she would have to hurt her family and sid, for doing this, and even the divorce was a sham, as she cant even think of leaving sid since she loves him very much. Sid hears this and is overwhelmed with emotions. Mataji asks simar if what they heard is true, and simar confirms it. The screen freezes on roli’s face.

Precap: Viru says that she can keep the property or give it to anyone she wants, but she shouldnt think of leaving him, as he would die without her. Simar and everyone is surprised to hear that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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