Balika Vadhu 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 15th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi, in her bed, while watching shiv’s childhood photos with glee, finds a grown up pic and says that still he is as innocent, quiet and reserved as a child. She thinks that how could she not see this before and that she cant believe her good luck that she has come to such a good man, and says that she promises that she would love Shiv forever, and keep her happy, and looking at shiv’s photo asks him to accept her love for him. She says that she has forgotten her past completely, and that she wants to move forward in the happy life that shiv has drawn out for her. She says that he let her come to her on her own, and gave her time and space to give this relation, a space in her heart. He never forced himself on her and therefore

she was able to come to him on her own. she jokes that just one thing, and that is that he has long teeth, like a rabbit. then she herself apologizes for making fun of him. She remembers her moments with him and smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
while closing his window, he sees ganga sitting by the tree and comes to her to ask if she isnt feeling sleepy. She says that he wont understand as he isnt in her position. She cant be at peace, even in the most comforts, since she’s terrified for her son and cant be at peace till she sees him. Jagiya assures her that he had a talk with shiv, and has been told that soon they would have ganga’s son amongst them. Therefore, jagiya says that he asked if she’s okay here. Ganga says that she felt more loved and pampered here, than she would ever feel in her family. She says that she likes everyone and the way they take care of her. She asks about his wife, and jagiya tells that she isnt with him. She assumes that she must have gone to her maternal house. He says no adding that she has gone to her in laws. He tells that he has divorced his wife and they no longer live together. she thinks that she cant imagine someone who would leave a man like him, who does so many things for everyone else. She says that maybe she dint deserve the good man that jagiya is. He says that its true that he didnt deserve his wife, since he always gave her pain, and insulted her every chance that he got.

Jagiya says that anandi deserves a man like shiv as her life partner and not him. Ganga is suprised to hear that anandi is the daughter in law of this haveli, and jagiya’s former wife. She says that it always felt as if she was the daughter of thsi haveli. She says that she still cant believe he could ever hurt anandi like that. He says that this is his transformed self, and comparing himself to ratan, that he also did the same thing with one difference that she just has physical wounds inflicted by ratan, whereas he tortured anandi mentally, which might never heal, unlike her wounds. He remembers all that he had made anandi go through and then goes on to tell ganga the entire story, about gauri too and how he had broken up with her, and coming home to see anandi getting married to shiv, and how his guilt had driven him to laxmiganj. He also tells how anandi and shiv finally convinced him to come back to jaitsar. He asks her if she still finds him a good man. He says that she might be picturing anandi in her place, and jagiya in ratan’s place. She says that not just anandi, but also gauri.

Ganga tells him that he has in fact done the same thing, with his second wife, gauri and gave her the same pain and left her also alone. Jagiya is surprised to hear about gauri from ganga. She says that it looks like he never thought about gauri, since she was the second wife. She says that she knwos that she destroyed anandi and seperated him from his family, yet she did all that since she wanted him completely. She says that in the familial strife, noone was happy but particularly gauri had to go through this all alone. She cites an example that even if she gets ratan to give his son happily to her, she would still not be able to live with him, neither her, nor padma and ratan. Jagiya thanks her for clearing his confusion, and for bringing the most impostant part of his life back in front of his eyes again. saying so, he leaves. The screen freezes on ganga’s face.

Underlying message: Often people fo not do a self analysis and blame others for their mistakes. However, when they do realise their mistakes later on, at some point of time in their life, they begin to burn in the fire of self remorse and guilt.

Precap: Anandi is super excited about giving shiv a head massage as that would put him to a peaceful sleep. Shiv complies, by lying down. He asks her what happened as she is looking slightly different. She musters up great courage and throws out the words: She has falllen in love. Shiv is pleasantly surprised to hear that, while anadi is very happy at her confession.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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