Sasural Simar Ka 14th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 14th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th September 2013 Written Update

Janvi tells everyone not to come closer. Simar screams and asks Janvi not to shoot, else today a daughter will kill her mother. Everyone is shocked. Simar tells Janvi, yes.. you’re daughter of Sujata mum and Rajendra papa. Simar tells everyone, Dadi told me this truth. Simar continues to tell Janvi, I know you won’t believe me, but I have a proof. Janvi slowly slowly takes the gun down. Simar and Roli tell everyone that they went to see Dadi in jail and she told them about this. While Dadi was saying everything, Roli recorded it all secretly. Janvi says, you are lying like always. Roli says, we knew you wouldn’t believe us, so we brought proof with us. Roli shows recorded video of Dadi’s confession. Janvi drops the gun after watching the video. In video,

Dadi says Sujata and Shakti’s wife delivered baby on the same day. Shakti’s wife gave birth a dead child. Her condition was very bad and that is why Dadi exchanged the babies. Sujata was informed that she gave birth to a dead child.

Back to present, Sujata tells Janvi you’re my daughter. She tries to touch her, but Janvi says this can’t be true. I can’t be your daughter. I can’t be part of Bharadwaj family. She tells Roli and Simar, this must be sotry made by you. You must have forced Dadi to say all this. I will need to meet Dadi. She calls Dadi, but line is unreachable. She warns Roli and Simar that she won’t spare them if they did anything to Dadi. Janvi runs out of the house. Everyone follows her and tries to stop her. Prem says, you take me as brother, right? Then please don’t go for that relationship. Sujata tells Janvi, you want to go, right? Then we all will come with you. I got my daughter back after so long and now I can’t leave you alone. Janvi screams and says, i am not your daughter. i have no relationship with you. Simar says, whether you believe or no, but there is a blood relationship between you two. Janvi says, you’re wasting my time. She sits in the taxi and says she doesn’t want to stay here. She asks taxi driver to drive.

The inspector informs Dadi that formalities are done and now she can leave. Dadi smiles as she leaves the police station.

Roli comes in front of the Taxi and tells Janvi that she will have to listen to them. Sid comes to Roli.

Simar receives a call from police station. The inspector tells her that they have released Dadi and now they will be following her. Simar tells him to keep her informed. Janvi feels it’s some planning against the Dadi. Simar says, I am just trying to bring truth out to everyone. I have no intention to hurt her, I just want her truth to revealed to everyone, especially to you. She joins her hands to Janvi and requests her to go with them to see Dadi’s truth. to see with how many lives Dadi is playing. She tells her, you will find who is your own and who are outsiders.

Janvi says, okay. Everyone leaves.

Dadi is very happy as she is out of jail and says, but it won’t be a good idea to go to janvi. Those 2 sisters would have told everything to her by now. Because of those 2 sisters, all my work went in vain, but I won’t give up. One cop is following her. He calls the inspector and tells him about her location. Dadi calls someone and says, I am coming there. I will call you when I am there. Come and meet me. Dadi leaves. The cop follows her.

Bharadwajs are on their way. Sujata tells Mataji, until today I thought my daughter was dead, but I used to remember her on her every single birthday. Thanks to matarani I got my daughter back, but she only has hate inside her for me. Mausiji and mataji tell her everything will be fine.

The cop is following Dadi’s taxi. He receives a call from the inspector. The cop informs him about Dadi’s current location. The inspector then calls Simar and asks her to come to that location. Simar says, they are on their way. The cop, that’s following Dadi’s taxi, looks down at his mobile and Dadi’s taxi makes a turn. The cop has lost track now. He wonders where taxi went. Simar hopes to reveal Dadi’s truth to everyone today.

Precap: Dadi’s truth is revealed.. and Dadi confesses everything to everyone.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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