Balika Vadhu 14th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 14th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 14th September 2013 Written Update

A designer, Pinki (guy), is at Sanchi’s house. He’s choosing dresses for everyone. When he chooses for Daddu, Daddu doesn’t like it and says, no thanks.. I will wear my kurta. I will look joker in this. Daddu then asks, look Pinku beta. Pinki corrects it’s Pinki. He asks the designer, what kind of name is this? usually girls name is Pinki? Pinki says, correct, but I believe in equality.. and it’s current demand that there should be no differences between girls and guys. so I kept my name Pinki. Alok teases Daddu and tells him to look at Pinki’s work and asks him to try that kurta.. he will look good. Daddu says, if you like it, then you wear it.. you will look like Meenu and Ira’s sister. Pinki tells Daddu to trust him and try at least saying It will suit him a lot. Daddu looks at his clothes and different shoe in both legs and says, trust? I can’t trust you.

Sanchi then asks him to show dresses for her. He shows them to her and she loves it. She goes to try them out. Daddu whispers to Alok who brought that piece (the designer) here. Alok says, Mahi. Daddu says, let him come.. I will take his class.

Sanchi comes out in one of the dresses and asks everyone how she looks. The designer makes some adjustments. Daddu makes Sanchi sit and tells her how fast she grew up and now she will be leaving them in less than a month. Sanchi says, no one will take your place. My family was this and will always remain this. Sanchi sees Anandi coming there and says, I mean I will respect everyone in Badi Haveli, but I won’t forget you all. Sanchi is afraid that Anandi might tell the truth to everyone. Ira asks Anandi, where were you? Pinki brought such nice dresses for Sanchi. Why don’t you help in selecting dresses for Sanchi? Anandi recalls her conversation with Sanchi and says, what’s the need to tell Sanchi? She knows very well what’s good and bad for her. Let her decide what she wants. Anandi has to leave for some work. Ira tells her to be back fast as they have a lot of work to do for marriage preparations. Anandi says, she will be back fast. She leaves.

Ganga is working. Bal comes and says, lunch time. Ganga says, I am busy with a patient right now. I will eat later. Bal says, you always stay busy.. you should get best employee award. He asks her to come as he has ordered special lunch for him. Ganga says, I told you na.. I will eat later. Bal leaves. He says in his mind, very difficult to trap her, but if you want to take out the butter, then you will have to bend your finger (a saying in Hindi).

Jagya enters Udhaipur. His and Anandi’s cars stop beside each other and both look at each other.

They both are in a restaurant now. Jagya says he came for work and was about to leave for Jaitsar. Anandi says, but you should have come home. Jagya says, I had no time.. I just came for this meeting and therefore I told maa not to tell anyone about this as well. You know if Sanchi had found out about this, then she would have made so many plans. Anandi says, because she likes to be with you. Jagya is quiet. Anandi tells him, everyone is excited for the marriage and preparations have already started. It would be same in Jaitsar, right? Jagya says yes. Anandi remembers the priest’s words. She then asks Jagya if he has any question about this marriage now. Jagya says, that time I couldn’t tell you but will tell you now.. I will fulfill all my promises, won’t give any chance to anyone to complain. Anandi asks, but you’re happy right? Jagya remembers him confessing to himself and his conversation with Lal. He says, everyone is very happy in the house.. what else would I want? Anandi says, I want to know about you.. in how much dilemma your mind is about Ganga. Jagya smiles and says, it’s so strange na.. Lal knew that Ganga loves me. You also knew, and obviously Ganga would know about this. It was just me who had no clue about this.

Anandi continues, all this don’t matter that who knew what and who was clueless. I just had a little doubt that Ganga has started liking you, but now you’re engaged to Sanchi. Jagya asks, you really think Sanchi is a perfect for our house? She will be able to adjust in our house? Anandi says, no one is perfect. After a marriage, not just wife, husband and his family have to make some adjustments as well. All I can say is Sanchi is trying her best to get settled in Badi Haveli. She always wore foreign clothes, but now she started wearing Indian dresses. She never went to the kitchen to get water by herself, and now she started making different dishes everyday. She even kept the fast for the first time.. she would have completed it as well if she didn’t find out that you went to Mangalore. Only reason all these changes came in her is Jagdish.. she loves you a lot and that is why I think she can become Badi Haveli’s bahu.

Sanchi enters the same restaurant with her friends. Her friends are laughing and tells Sanchi, Badi Haveli’s bahu.. without husband you can’t come to the restaurant. Jagya and Anandi hear it. Sanchi says, please yaar.. I am not like other bahus. Once I go to Badi Haveli, see how I change all the rules. Jagya and Anandi are shocked! Her friend says, so much confidence? Sanchi says, of course.. what did you think that I will become a villagee type person there? NEVER. Sanchi orders pizzas and cold drinks. Her friends say, you won’t get all this in Jaitsar. Sanchi says, I know.. there will be only roti, paratah and oily food.. that is why I decided to eat my favorite dishes as long as I am here. Jagya and Anandi continue hearing all the conversation with a surprised face. One of her friends asks so which dish did your babhi teach you today? Sanchi says, thank God.. today I am off from kitchen classes. I don’t get why these women kill themselves with kitchen work entire day. If it’s about money, then you can understand.. but when you can afford cooks and maids, then what’s the need? Her friend says yes.. and that too with heavy clothes and jewelries. Everyone laughs. Sanchi says, look I am doing all these to impress them.. else me and such traditional clothes? Never. Once I get married, I will come back to my trademark style. Her friend teases her and says, village woman in jeans? it will create problems “bindni”. Sanchi says, problem will be when this bahu lives in the village which is impossible.

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Update Credit to: Shreya

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