Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Jhumki apologizes fopr the trouble that she’s causing, and blames herself, for her memory loss. But mausiji and mataji try to comfort her. Jhumki asks to let her speak, and says that they should give their roli some time to remember everything back asap. This gets everyon emoional. sujata asks her not to blame herself, and prays for her memory recovery. Mausiji decides to celebrate their victory over khushi in a grand breakfast. After they leave, jhumki asks simar how was her acting. Simar is surprised while jhumki joins the rest of the family.

In her room, khushi tells viru what happened with the fingerprints. viru tells her not to worry, as destiny wont always be with them. viru says that they have relished to the maximum on the basis on that fake roli, and now he’s returning back to the bharadwaj house. He decides to teach jhumki a lesson. Mantu hears this and is worried for her sister and wonders how to tell her.

Simar comes with a plate full of laddoos, and jhumki very excitedly starts eating. Simar thanks for what she did today. jhumki says that it was just her work, but should thank this wound of hers, that came in handy. She says that she had got scared that jhumki might be frightened and tell everyone the truth, but she handled everything beautifully. Simar says that there are very few people who dont care about themselves while helping others. Prem comes, and jhumki tells simar that her arrogant husband has come, to find some fault in her work. Prem says that khushi isnt the quiet types, and before there’s new trouble, they should end this drama. This surprises them.

The next morning, Viru comes back to the Bharadwaj house, oblivious that mantu too has come in the trunk of his car. As he goes to the door, mantu too gets out and hides behind him. mantu wonders wher is he, and what to do now. then he decides to follow viru in the house, as this must be where his sister lives. Viru remembers that he has forgotten his phone in the car only. as he retraces his steps back, mantu hides and gest out of his way so as not to be seen by Viru.

Inside, the family ladies are laying out the breakfast table, where they discuss how khushi had to fall on her own face, while trying to prove that this isnt roli. As she sees viru coming, jhumki comments that some people are in the habit of losing from this family, hence are lining up one by one. While they smile, viru is very irritated. Mantu too comes behind him, and watches from the crack of the door, and is very happy to see his sister. Uma and pari leave, while simar and jhumki are busy amongst themselves. mantu decides that he cant meet jhumki amidst these people, and should wait outside her only for meeting his sister. the whole family sits down to eat. mataji asks about prem and simar from uma. she is about to answer, when prem and simar come from outside. when asked, Simar says that they had gone for a very good news. mausiji asks her to tell it. Simar says that soon they would be free from khushi and viru altogether, and this property shall be theirs just like before. All are very happy to hear this, while viru and khushi hear from the balcony. Prem tells about the date of hearing being tomorrow in the court. Simars ays that once the result is in their favour, then everything would be alright. Mataji thanks the Lord, and says that she has full faith that the court would rule in their favour. Khushi is very tensed. She says that she still has some time, but they have to do something drastic or else they would be out on the streets. viru says that nothing like that would happen, as he would talk to a very good lawyer asap. mantu is about to enter, but refrains when he sees everyone eating. On being asked, jhumki says that she’s feeling a little tired. Sujata asks her to and rest, and instructs uma and pari to clear the table. mantu tries to motion jhumki towards himself, but she doesnt listen. Finally, seeing no other way, Mantu enters the house, stealthily so as not to be seen by anyone in the family. Pari senses someone, but he hides behind the pillar to escape her eyes. Pari is a little surprised. she sees the window open, and thinks that she shouldnt bother about that, as she’s already overloaded with work. He ducks his way from room to room, escaping people’s eyes. Uma senses something, but turns around to find noone. He climbs up the stairs, and is confused seeing so many rooms, and onders which one jhumki went to. He escapes khushi too, when she comes out of the room. He wonders where’s his sister.

In her room, jhumki thinks that everything is okay, except for getting up in the morning and praying. she decides to leave asap, after finishing her work. She lies down, but is surprised, when she sees mantu on the door, calling her out. She is surprised and then gets very happy seeing him. She refuses to believe, but he pinches her, and she is overwhelmed to see him. he says that he missed her bad, and she too says the same. She asks how he came here. But first, she closes the dorr, so as not to seen by anyone. Then she asks him to tell everything. He tells jhumki about viru, and what he did in laxmanpur, and his purpose of coming here, that he got worried for her. jhumki is surprised and tensed to hear this. Jhumki wonders who could be that person. The screen freezes on jhumki’s tensed face.

Precap: Mantu sees food laid out at the dining table, and cant resist himself to eat and try them. But he is very scared when he finds sujata and suresh coming down, and then the whole family in tow, towards the breakfast table. He ducks under the table, so as not to be seen, while the whole family sits down to eat, oblivious of his presence, under the table.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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