Saraswatichandra 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 14th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Laxminandan and Vidyachatur doing the arrangements for the engagement. Badimaa and Guniyal are also doing the arrangements. Danny asks Yash what is he doing for the music, Yash says we have to do it, they both go for doing the arrangements.
Kumari is thinking about Ghuman’s words, that she should fight for her love, she should run away from the house. Kumari is tensed. Yash’s mum asks are you not yet ready Kumari, she says no. Yash’s mum scolds her and asks her to get ready soon. Kumari calls Umesh and tells him to bring her dad and come to mandir, as she will be reaching there, she says we have to marry today itself. Ghuman hears this and she tells very good, you have courage. Kumari says I was afraid thinking it might be anyone else. Kumari says I don’t know what I m doing, Ghuman says if Umesh was not right for you, would your dad support him. Ghuman says don’t keep any doubts, she asks her to get ready. Kumari tells today is Kumud Didi’s engagement, Ghuman says yes, but its your marriage today. She says go and get ready so that Umesh sees you and marry you. Ghuman thinks she will show down to Dugba(Badimaa). She says I m letting your marriage happen, it will be a disaster. Ghuman smiles.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is getting ready and Chandrika is helping her. She is trying the maang tika. Kusum shows her the jewellery. Kumud tries it. Chandrika pulls Kumud’s leg. Kumari comes and says move I have to get ready. Kumud asks where were you, she says she has to get ready soon,
Kusum says remember, its didi’s engagement, not your marriage. Kumari smiles. Kusum does hmm.. as its Saras’s call. He asks Kumud are you ready, she says I m getting ready. He says shall we marry today, she says no, first engagement then marriage. Ghuman comes to Kumud and taunts her saying today what will you wear, Ghagra again. She brings a saree for Kumud. She says we have to show photos in Dubai. Kumud says you don’t worry, I will wear the saree which Saras gifted me. Ghuman is shocked knowing that Saras gifted a saree to her. Ghuman says ok, as you wish. Kumari sees the saree which Ghuman brought and likes it. Ghuman says I brought it for Kumud, but if you like, you take it. Kumari accepts the saree and thanks Ghuman. Kusum tells Kumari that you should have not accepted the saree, you are not her bahu. Chandrika asks them not to argue and they leave. Kumud looks into the mirror and says you wanted to see me in saree, see me today.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras is also posing and looking in the mirror. Sunny and Danny look at him and his looks. Danny asks how did this happen, Saras has changed so much. Saras is standing in the mirror, and smiling. Sunny says Saras was going to send the letter to Kumud by pigeons, Danny laughs. Danny says Saras I should hug you bro. Danny gifts him a perfume, saying you have it, and Kumud will not go away from you. Saras tells I don’t want it. Saras makes them go out from his room. Danny says you have become very smart. They both laugh. Danny asks whats the plan, there should be something happening. They leave. Saras closes his door, and applies the perfume.

Scene shifts to Badimaa:

Guniyal is getting ready and Badimaa is helping her in the way how Vidyachatur likes her. Guniyal and Badimaa thinks about their times. Badimaa says its Kumud’s engagement today, and we did not feel the time was running by. Guniyal says she is getting emotional. She cries as Kumud will be getting married soon. Badimaa says if you break down, who will take care of Kumud. If Kumud sees you like this, her heart will be stuck here. Badimaa says we got Saras who worried about us too. Guniyal says I will see what you will do when Kumari will be married. Badimaa thinks for a while.

The guests start coming, and Kumari is dressed in a saree. Ghuman says you are looking pretty, show me your marriage pics, Kumari smiles as Ghuman wishes her all the best. Danny bumps into her and says where are you going in a hurry. He asks do you need any help, and asks her where is the band who play in indian marriages, Kumari says she does not know. Chandrika calls Kumari and gives her some work. Danny looks at Kumari as she looks tensed.

Saras gets ready and thinks Kumud might also have got ready. He calls her, Kumud wants to take his call as Chandrika is helping her arrange the saree. Saras thinks someone might be with her as she is not taking his call. He messages her. Kumud reads his message, asking her to come out as he has to see her. She replies him to meet in engagement directly. Kusum comes and hugs Kumud. Saras messages her that he cannot stare her in engagement. Kumud smiles.

Laxminandan comes to Saras and sees him standing near the mirror. He says Saras, and looks at him. He says you are looking good. Kumud sends him message saying if you courage, stare at me infront of everyone. Saras tells Laxminandan that some client is messaging me. Laxminandan asks him to say the client that today is my engagement and call me tomorrow. Saras tells yes, and sends sms to Kumud that if I stare at you, you will be shy. She smiles. He asks her to come upstairs and meet him for 2 minutes. She writes only for a minute. He says ok done. The Episode ends on the couple’s lovely smiles.

Kumud says Saras you called me here and you are not facing me, why? Saras tells I am afraid if I see you, I will not let you go away from me.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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