Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar and Roli are standing in the living room. Roli asks Simar to give them to her now. Simar says just the night time is left. i will give it you myself. Sujata asks Mata ji to eat something. Mata ji says how can i eat look at them they are in s much trouble because of us. Meghna comes. Mata ji says she think she can destroy us. Mausi ji says yes Simar are roli have fought before for the family. Sujata says yes you are right but they are humans. Meghna says this idea was so boring. Lets make it exciting. She opens the door and windows and gate. Cool freezing breeze is coming in. She says you have bare it. Roli says what have you done meghna. Meghna says you God does it. Its amazing that you both are hers and she is with me.
Burning falmes in the hands and the cool breeze you have to bear it all. Simar says why is God doing this. It is about the life of Mata ji we can’t lose. hey try to hide the flames, Roli falls on the floor. Simar asks her to get up. She says i can’t my legs ae shivering. Simar can’t help her because flames are on her palm. Meghna comes. Roli and Simar are crying and so does the whole family. Mata ji is trying to console Sid. Meghna turns the fan on. They all pray to their God. Meghna turns the fan towards simar. Simar isn’t listening to meghna. Roli prays to help simar. Simar’s hands are burnt so bad. Meghan is enjoying the view. Roli tries to get up. she stands up and save the flames from the wind.

Scene 2
Roli says to simar we have won di. Time is 8:30 and Simar shifts the flames. Simar says to Meghna now you must know whats the power of belief in good. Toy will never be able to destroy out faith. Meghna leaves and Roli hugs Simar we have won. Everyone is happy. Simar thanks her God. Prem says to Sid see that, he looks at the wall. its some thing black like a valve. Raghinder says sid turn it off.
Sid says we should hit it and the pipe will vibrate and they will get to know we are here. ROli and Simar see that the water supply i the house has stopped. thinks to calls a plumber for the pipe. Rajinder says they are right. Plumber will looks for this in the whole house. Any sort of vibration will tell us that he is working on this pipe. Then we will start hitting it.

Precap- Plumber is working on the pipe. Sid feels it and they start hitting. The plumber notices the vibration and stops.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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