Meri Bhabhi 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 14th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Kunal that we should convince Anand further. Dhruv is with Papa and Anand. Dhruv says I want to become a businessman like Kunal. Papa helps him in writing ten things what you want to become. Anand looks on and says where is Shraddha, did she go to the doctor. Papa says no, Kittu went alone. Anand leaves. Anand comes to Shraddha. He makes his presence felt doing mmmm…….. He asks her did Kittu go and meet the Gynecologist. He says think about it, will he grow up with Kamini. Shraddha asks who. Anand smiles thinking he will be a father.

Shraddha says you are so emotional, think what will happen when you get a daughter, this happens, every father wants a daughter, Papa loves me more than you all, when you get a baby girl, then see you will forget everything. Anand smiles and says I m afraid to lift small babies. I will ask Kittu to take care of the baby. He says but we are separating, this won’t be good for the baby, it should get both the parents. Shraddha says you are right, I understand what it means to have a father, Dhruv misses his father.

She says don’t take me wrong, but everyone loves Dhruv, but he does not have his dad. Anand says its not your mistake, see Kittu, she did not take a minute to go away from me. Shraddha takes Kittu’s side. Anand looks at the divorce papers and is upset. He sees Mummy and Papa coming and hides the papers. He asks Mummy for coffee. Mummy talks to Papa about Lohri and that they will celebrate it well. Anand hears this and says they are thinking to celebrate Lohri in so much tension. He tells Papa there is some problem. He says I have to talk about Kittu.

Mummy does not listen to him and says this Lohri will be the last one with Kittu. Anand is shocked. Mummy says its so sad, what can we do now, Kittu won’t be with us for much days, her self respect won’t allow her to be with us. Mummy explains Anand to think again. She says you took such a big decision so soon, I don’t understand. Papa and Mummy leaves. Anand looks at the papers and sees Kittu’s sign is spoiled by water.

Kittu runs after Dhruv asking him to have milk. She gets hurt and Anand cares for her. She says why are you worried. He says why not, you are unwell, you should take rest. She says I m fine, don’t worry about me. He gets angry and scolds her. She says I will leave from here if you don’t like me living here. Dhruv says please don’t go. jaya comes with Papa. They talk about Lohri. Anand leaves for office and hears Kittu saying she does not want Amrut. He is puzzled.

Anand comes to Shraddha and asks why did Kittu refise to have Amrut. Shraddha says its common, there are mood swinging, don’t be surprised, it happens. She says maybe jaya has put red chilli powder, it causes acidity, maybe Kittu refused thats why. Anand comes in her talk and says come with me to the doctor, lets go and meet him and confirm. Shraddha is tensed. She says doctor, why. Anand says yes, we will confirm once. Shraddha says why are you worried about Kittu, you are taking divorce, why do you want to meet the doctor, Kittu is not your wife now. Anand says but the child is mine. He says I don’t understand anything. Shraddha says thats why I m asking you to think again.

Anand says come with me, if Kittu is pregnant, I will have to take care of her, first we will meet the doctor, come. Shraddha is worried. She says we have to know where Kittu went. Anand says don’t ask her. Shraddha says I will call and talk to Kittu. Anand says fine. Kunal is with Kamini. Kunal gets Shraddha’s call and she tells him that Anand wants to meet the doctor. She asks what should I do now. She says this plan won’t work. Kunal smiles and says take a breath. He says think about it. Kamini comes and hears them talking. Kunal says leave it on me, don’t worry.

She hears Kunal talking to Shraddha. He asks her to come on lifeline clinic to meet the gynac. He says I will come there, everything will be fine. Kamini thinks why is Shraddha going there. She misunderstands and leaves. Shraddha says how will Kittu come there. He says she will come, my plan will work. Shraddha says sorry, I was tensed. He says fine, go with Anand and give me 30 mins. Shraddha says fine.

Anand shows Shraddha Kittu having panipuris with Kunal. Anand and Shraddha hide from Kittu’s sight.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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