Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2013 Written Update

The neighbors tells Bharadwajs that this was first time they were not there when Ganpati came to their society. They asked if anything happened. Mataji says there is a good news.. Pari bahu gave birth to a baby boy. Mausiji brings sweets for the neighbors. The neighbors give blessings to Pari’s child and tell Bharadwajs to come for Ganpati visarjan tomorrow. The neighbors leave.

Mataji is thinking whether they should go for visarjan after what happened in the house lately. Mausiji and Sujata convince Mataji to go for the puja.

Dadi is not comfortable in the jail. She asks herself how long she will have to stay there. Janvi comes there and says, not for so long. Seeing Janvi sad, Dadi asks her why she looks sad. Janvi tells her everything that happened. Dadi

blames Sujata, Simar, Roli for separating Prem from them. Janvi says, I trust you fully and I am sure Prem bhaiya will be us one day. Janvi then says she won’t spare Bharadwajs, especially Sujata. She shows a pistol to Dadi and says with Ganpati, it will be sujata’s visarjan today as well. Dadi asks what she is planning and from where she got the gun. Janvi tells her how inspector stopped her from seeing Dadi and then she saw his pistol and took it away. A lady police look at Janvi and she hides the piston. The lady police tells Janvi that her time is up.. she has to leave. Janvi asks for 2 mins. The lady police leaves from there. Janvi tells Dadi that she won’t spare to the person because of whom Dadi has to suffer so much. She says I will put the end on that Sujata Bharadwaj. Janvi gives her phone and says I will give you good news very soon. Janvi is leaving. Dadi tries to stop, but Janvi doesn’t listen. After Janvi leaves, Dadi laughs and says Janvi made it easier for her. Now she will be out of jail very soon.

At Bharadwaj house, everyone gets ready to go the puja. Mataji asks for Prem. Prem comes down. he’s talking on the phone with Pari and her husband. Pari shows disappointment as no one came to see her and her child. Roli asks Prem to put phone on the speaker. All Bharadwajs talk with Pari and tell her that they will do special welcome of her child. Pari says she also wants to go to Ganpati darshan with whole family. Mataji says, next year with your child.

All Bharadwajs leave now and they are doing Ganpati’s puja. simar prays and hopes Dadi and Shakti papa’s truth reveals soon to everyone. Dadi is trying to call Simar. Dadi says once she picks up, I can trap her easily to take me out of this place.

Simar finally picks up. Dadi asks Simar what she thought about her deal about the secret. Dadi says I still have time, but you don’t. If you delay, then it will be too late. I swear of Ganpati that I am not lying. Roli comes to Simar. Simar tells Roli about what Dadi told her. Roli tells her, you’re worrying for no reason.. Simar says, she swore of Ganpati.. I don’t think she is lying this time. We should meet her once. Simar and Roli leave to go to police station. They leave and Janvi comes there with a pistol in her hand.

Bharadwajs continue with the puja. Sujata can’t see Simar and Roli and she goes to find them without telling anyone there. A neighbor asks Sujata why she is going outside when puja is about to start. She takes her to the puja with her. janvi notices it.

Simar and Roli come to Dadi. Dadi says you took right decision by coming here. Roli says we didn’t come to hear your crap. We want to know the secret. We have already talked with police and lawyer and you will be out from jail after formalities. Simar says we fulfilled our promise.. now tell us what’s the secret.

Janvi is going to Sujata but then stops and says there’s too much crowd here.. it wouldn’t be safe to do anything here.

Sujata comes on a side to call Simar. Both Simar and roli’s phone lines are busy. A girl comes and tells her that Simar is calling her. Sujata asks where she went? The girl says, She went to the house. Sujata comes to the house. As soon as she enters, Janvi closes the doors. Sujata asks her what’s the matter. Janvi takes out the pistol and Sujata is shocked.

Simar and Roli are heading back to the house. They are worried for Sujata as Dadi told them about Janvi planning to kill Sujata.

Janvi points the gun at Sujata and says, if I had done this before, then Dadi wouldn’t be in jail. Today I will give such punishment for your sins that whole Bharadwaj family will remember their entire life. With Ganpati visarjan, it will be your visarjan too. Sujata says, you can’t do this.

The taxi in which Simar and Roli are travelling stops suddenly. Simar decides to call Prem. Mataji asks Ganpati to maintain happiness in their house. Prem was about to pick up the call, but Mataji calls him. Mataji prays on Anjali’s behalf and makes Anjali do the puja. They do Ganpati’s arti now.

Simar tells Roli that Prem is not picking up.. there must be too much noise. She tries to call Sid but his line is unreachable. Simar says they cannot wait for taxi to get repaired and leave from there.

Sujata tells Janvi that she is innocent, but Janvi doesn’t listen and blames her for everything. Sujata asks Janvi to throw the gun away. She pushes Janvi’s hands and the pistol falls down.

Simar and Roli come where everyone is doing arti. They take them with them. Mataji and Prem ask what happened. Simar asks for Sujata. No one knows where she is. Sid asks what happened. Simar says, she’s in danger.. we will have to find her as soon as possible. Roli says, we don’t have much time. Everyone starts searching for her.

Janvi pushes the Sujata and is able to pick up the gun. Sujata is screaming for the help. Simar asks the same girl where Sujata is. She tells Simar that Sujata went to the house.

Sujata is screaming for the help. Simar hears it. Other family members also hear her scream now. Janvi tells Sujata, no one can save you today. Janvi is about to pull the trigger, but entire family comes there. Janvi asks everyone not to come closer else she will kill Sujata. Simar tells Janvi not to do this else today a daughter will kill her mother. Janvi stops! Everyone is shocked. Simar says, yes this is the truth.. Janvi is daughter of Sujata and Rajendra.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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