Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu comes in the room abd takes Kamla’s baby instead of her own. Kamla asks her that she wanna go home Pakiya has been hurt. She gives her the other baby which is her own. Kamla hurriedly leaeves.

Scene 2
Pakiya’s dressing is being done. He says don’y inform Kamla she would get worried. Vitthal hugs him.

Scene 3
The guy and Rajji goes in the room. He says you are so beautiful She says i become a witch at 12 o’clock. She says i am not like this alwasys and what is see is not always the truth.

Scene 4
The boy monty’s family is leaving he says goodbye to Rajji and rudely waves him.

Scene 5
Kamla is shouting in the house, looking every where for vitthal and Pakiya. Kamla hugs Pkiya and asks him if he’s okay? He says no mom i am so strong i have got a lot of strength. Vitthal is standing sternly on the door. What actually happened Vitthal? He doesn’t respond.
Kamla is running after Pakiya asking him to drink milk. Vitthal scold at him. Kamla is wondering why vitthal is so worried. Vitthal says i can’t do anything i am the worst man. I thought so many things and it ended up like this. Kamla says till we are together we will face everything together. God will make everything alright. They hug each other. Pakiya comes and says i am perfectly fine.

Scene 6
Rajji is hanging up curtains. You know servants can’t sit in this house. Nettu says tell me why? Nettu says i know i made a mistake calling someone from my family. You know sahil she said to the boy that i am a witch after 12. Sahil laughs.

Scene 7
Kmala , vitthal and Pakiya are doing dinner. Pakiya says that the dinner is so tasty. Someone call vitthal downstairs. He goes.

Scene 8
Nettu nags that all the stuff of baby is here and there. Mami jee says Rajji you and i will sleep in nettu’s room and sahil in hall. Mami jee says that me and nettu will sleep in the bed and you down. Nettu hears the baby crying.

Scene 9
There the baby is crying in Kamla’s house too. Pakiya says look i have got bruises but i am still not crying.

Scene 10
Nettu locks the room and turns off the light. She gives her the feeder.
Power cuts there when Kamla takes the baby.

Scene 11
Guru ji says Shail i am so happy that God has blessed you with a princess. Rajji says that Guru ji has come why have you locked the door. She says because i am feeding. I will come later.

Scene 12
Vitthal tells that there is something wrong with elecricity. Kamla tells him that Guru ji was coming. I wished i could go back. Vitthal says wow you will leave your daughter and will go to feed madam’s girl. She says i take her along with me. Kamla get the baby back in the cot. and lies beside Vitthal.

Scene 13
Nettu tells Guru ji that your room is ready. Guru ji goes to his room.

Scene 14
Kamla finds out that its nettu’s daughter. She is dazed. She doesn’t know. Vitthal asks what has happened? Kamla says a mistake.

Precap-Vitthal shouts at her how did you make this maistake. They are both on road in rain at night

Update Credit to: Atiba

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