Sasural Simar Ka 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 12th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Prem asks jhumki not to be scared, as just the prints have been found, nothing has been proved yet. He asks her to stay here, while they go down and see whats happening. When khushi sees simar and prem, she goes on to taunt them, that the fake roli has become scared. khushi asks mataji to get her beloved roli down. Mataji asks uma to get roli down, who complies. Khushi asks her to come and give the fingerprints for identification. Simar, jhumki and prem look visibly tensed, while jhumki is scared about what would hapen now. Just when jhumki is about to give it, the papers are about to be destroyed by water, when khushi manages to salvage it, saying that this paper just isnt roli’s prints, but the testimony to her victory, and she cant afford to spoil it anyhow. Finally jhumki gives in her thumbprints, on much insistence of the family, thinking how to get out of this problem. Khsuhi gives it to Mr. Saluja and asks him to tell them the test results soon. But Mr. Saluja tells her that the report would be out tomorrow only, after performing the experiments in his lab, on these. Khushi says that tomorrow it should definitely hapen. She is iritated at the delay, but is sure of her vitory that she would get the family evicted tomorrow. Mataji asks roli not to worry, about any doubt in any member of the family. They trust her completely but she wont be able to tolerate questions about her identity repeatedly, hence she said yes, and asks roli not to feel bad. Jhumki asks to go and rest in the room. mataji allows, and giving simar a stern look, jhumki goes to her room.

Jhumki is very scared, in her room, and thinks that now she should leave, before things get ugly and she would be embarassed. she decides that she wont continue this drama anymore, and that she would leave right now. She begins to pack her stuff. Simar comes in and seeing this, is surprised. She asks what is she doing. Jhumki tells about her intentions. Simar says that they cant accept defeat now, and escaping is not the solution. And that this would mean, that khushi scared her. Jhumki says that she isnt scared of anyone. simar asks her to rest. just then, mausiji calls out that the fingerprint report has come. They are both very tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Laxmanpur
Mannu sees viru asking about roli from people around, and is scared. Viru finds mannu and calls out to him. He begins to approach him, and mannu is tensed. Viru asks the fellow if he has ever seen this girl, and shows him roli’s photo. Mannu says that he has seen, but he would tell only when given money. Viru first gives Rs. 50, which he denies, he has to give 100 to mannu, to get him to talk. Mannu tells that this is roli. Viru asks him to explain completely. Mannu tells him that simar had come with prem, for tea, and in her mobile, he had seen this girl in the photo. Viru gets angry at this nonsense, and before he can take this money, mannu runs away. Viru curses the place of being fraud throughout.

Scene 3:
Location; Bharadwaj house
Jhumki comes down tensed, and asks what happened. She asks why are they looking at her like this. The whole family is very tensed. Mr. Saluja tells everyone that this isnt roli, as the fingerprints dont match, shocking them all, and scaring jhumki of her fate now. The family is unable to believe what they just heard. Khushi tells them victoriously that she’s been trying to tell them all along that this isnt their roli, but just a lookalike, and came only to betray them, and take all the property. Mataji reprimands jhumki for betraying them for so long, leading them to believe that this is their roli. Jhumki is speechless. Sid also asks her how dare she impose as roli, in their house, and break their hearts and his trust. khushi smirks in happiness. Karuna says that now this girl would be speechless, as this girl’s truth has come out now. Mausiji says that she’s a bigger fraud than even khushi. He says that they would hand her over to the police rightaway, as that her deserved punishment. While jhumki is shocked, prem and simar are very tensed. They try to convince him that this is their roli, but he doesnt listen to anything, and places a call to the police station. Khushi says that police neednt be called, as she has already called them. The police comes, and khushi tells that this is the girl who was impersonating as roli. The police forcibly places handcuffs on her hand, seeing which Jhumki is shocked. While the police is taking Jhumki away, prem and simar say that she’s innocnet, but the inspector takes her away, as she keeps shouting that what would happen to mannu if she goes. Just then, in that mayhem, she realises that she was watching a dream, and wakes up from her sleep scared. Jhumki thinks that before this dream comes to reality, she should leave the house for her and mannu’s well being. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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