Saraswatichandra 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 12th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras seeing Kumud’s hand’s photo, he says Kumud and blows on the phone’s screen. His blow reaches Kumud’s ears and she feels it. She closes her eyes. He asks did the burning sensation stop. She says yes somewhat. He does that again, she says now its fine. Saras smiles. (Kiddish but adorable)
Kumud is arranging the table for dinner and Ghuman enters. Ghuman says you made continental food, did you order it from a hotel. Kumud says I made it following the recipe. Ghuman says it looks good. She tastes it and smiles. Ghuman says it is not so good. (Jealous Liar!!)

Everyone come for dinner. Laxminandan says he thought he will eat Sheera made by Guniyal Bhabhi, but he could not eat oil and ghee. Ghuman looks at Kumud. Ghuman signs Kumari. Kumari

says Kumud Didi made something special for you kaka. Laxminandan says ok. Kumud starts leaving, he asks her to serve him food. Badimaa signs Kumud to serve him. Saras smiles. Kumud serves him. Laxminandan tastes it and everyone are waiting for his comment on the dish. Laxminandan says Ghuman its not like the one made by you. Ghuman smiles. Kumud becomes nervous and looks on. Ghuman says sorry Kumud, I have won over you. Laxminandan says Kumud, the food should be like this only. Kumud smiles. Laxminandan praises the dish. Everyone are happy to hear it except Ghuman and Yash’s mother, who makes faces. Badimaa look at Ghuman. Laxminandan says Ghuman I want this dish made only by Kumud.
Kumud smiles, Laxminandan says Ghuman, this time Kumud has won over you. Ghuman gets jealous. Saras smiles seeing Kumud.

Scene shifts to hall:

Laxminandan says there are four cooks in his house, but he never felt the way he felt eating the food made by Kumud. He says who will give away a daughter like Kumud, what if Vidyachatur says no at the final moment. Vidyachatur says yes I m thinking to postpone the wedding date. Laxminandan says I knew it, so I want everything concrete. So tonight we will keep the engagement of Saras and Kumud. Everyone are happy. Guniyal says you said what I thought, even I felt that there should be engagement before marriage. Vidyachatur says Nandu is right and laughs. Danny says I will book a resort. Kumari says our house is not less than a palace. Danny tells Kumari that the engagement should be grand. Kumari gives him good reply saying my didi loves simplicity.

Laxminandan says we want to keep it simple. Vidyachatur says right and tells Danny that he is linked to his roots, and its a great thing, you should learn it from him. Laxminandan says I will take Kumud to Dubai and give a grand party. Saras smiles hearing all the conversation. Ghuman is over jealous. Badimaa taunts Ghuman in public. Badimaa says shall we start the preparations, Vidyachatur says yes for sure.

The jeweller come there, and Guniyal tells him that its Kumud’s engagement today. Kumud comes and her mother informs her about the engagement. Kumud is shy. They look at the jewellery. Badimaa says Kumud will look beautiful in it. They try some jewellery. Saras stands at a far distance and sees Kumud, he helps her selecting the jewellery by giving signs from there. She selects based on what he says. She says the jewellery is not so good, as he says so. Guniyal asks what happened, see something else. She looks at him and sighs.
He likes the stone necklace and selects it. She smiles and finalizes it. She says I like this. (Cute scene) Mann ke dor.. song plays..

Ghuman comes to hall, and sees the women trying out jewellery. Ghuman tells that Laxminandan’s bahu will not wear anything old. Don’t worry about money, Kumud should wear jewellery from head to toe. Badimaa taunts Ghuman. Ghuman says its like you are hiding your financial status. Badimaa says don’t worry, we will send Kumud as Laxmi. Ghuman asks Kumud will you wear Ghagra again tonight or will you dare to wear something different, Kumud says you see it tonight. Kumud leaves from there.

Saras pulls Kumud, and he says I know what you will be wearing tonight, She says what. He says did you see my gift. She says not yet. He says go and see my gift. Kumud leaves.

Ghuman comes to Kumari and says she knows she is sad. (Ghuman does her regular Quack Quack, silly duck, you will fail in your bad attempt!!) Ghuman says today you might have married Umesh, and they would be selecting jewels for you. Kumari says I don’t need that, I want to be with Umesh. But Maa will not let it happen. Ghuman says it will happen. Kumari says Maa will not agree. Ghuman says you said you don’t want anything except Umesh. She asks Kumari to run away, as Badimaa has kept her away from her father. She says now you can make your own decisions, you have to fight for your love. Kumari says I m ready to fight, but I don’t want to lose my family. Ghuman says today everyone will be busy tonight with engagement, if I did not go today then you won’t be able to go anytime. The Episode ends on Ghuman’s evil smile.

Saras tells Kumud wear it and show me. Kumud says come and meet me near the small lake. They meet and Saras sees her image in the water and touches her image. Kumud says don’t touch.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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