Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli and mausi ji are in coffee shop to meet meghna. sid is also there with soniya. Roli says i will call di to tell her that the problem of soniya’s house is solved. mausi ji takes her on the side and shows her sid and soniya. Roli says if he sees us he won’t leave. Mausi ji asks a waiter that sid is calling him. When sid is busy in talking with the waiter roli and mausi ji leave.
Roli and mausi ji are ignoring sid and soniya together. Meghna is leaving too. She sees them and asks what are you doing here ? Mausi ji says driver has parked the car far. We were just leaving. Sujata is calling roli.
She asks simar to tell truth where are roli and mausi ji. Simar says there is so much crowd in shops. We had a lot of stuff so they had to bring it. sujata says si will ask roli myself. I you people have hided something from us then it will hurt me. It will break my trust. Simar thinks that i will tell you all once i am done with this all.
Meghna asks roli are you okay ? Mausi ji says she is just not feeling good. Meghna asks her to sit and have juice. Roli is so much feared she drinks the juice and says we should leave now. Meghna asks roli to take care of her self. Roli says that all the wedding arrangements will be done at your house and i will get ready there.
Mausi ji says lets go driver is ready. Roli says thank God sid didn’t see us in these clothes. Sid is standing right in front of them. He asks roli what is all this ? what are you both doing here in these outfits tell me roli whats going on? I saw you both in the coffee shop and i saw that you were trying to hide from me. I could have come to you but i was with my boss. You both have to tell me what were you doing with meghna singhaniya in there. Tell me roli. I am asking you something. His tone is loud. Roli is so quiet. Roli sees meghna and attul coming. Roli says please leave from here i will tell you everything. Mausi ji asks sid to leave and she will tell him everything when they reach home.

Scene 2
There sujata is calling roli and mausi ji. Mata ji asks whats wrong ? Sujata says simar and janvi have the answer. Sid shouts saying i have the answer. Roli and mausi ji enter the house in the same clothes they went to coffee shop. Janvi wipes her tears away. Sid comes closer to janvo and asks her that you know shaureya and meghna so well then you must know what is all this ? Answer me janvi. Mata ji says why did you both wen to meet meghna and in these clothes. sujata says and you mausi ji you should have stopped the instead you helped them in all this. Prem asks simar whats wrong ? Sujata says to simar that i told you that you will break my heart if you don’t tell me and now it will break my trust. janvi says its not her fault maa. I am responsible for all this.

Precap- Janvi is telling the whole family that they all have been doing this for her. She told them about her wedding with shaureya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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