Meri Bhabhi 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 11th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mummy being shocked to see Anand. Anand does not hear anything, Mummy is relieved. jaya comes back and asks Ashish about Kunal and Kamini. Everyone are happy to see jaya. He asks her how are her parents. jaya is happy and greets them. Everyone ask her about her trip. jaya asks did you bring my diwali dress. Mummy says Ashish reminded us many times and we brought it. jaya says I m excited to see how you celebrate diwali, as its my first diwali here. Papa says we celebrate it with Kittu’s family. Mummy says not this time. Anand asks why. Mummy says we will celebrate here. Papa says fine, we will call Kittu’s family here.

Mummy says no. Papa asks why. Mummy says we will go and meet them and come back here and celebrate. Papa says they will feel bad. jaya asks did anything happen in between the families. Kittu says I know why Mummy is saying so, she is right, this time its different, we will celebrate it well. jaya says it will be fun this time. She asks how is Shraddha. She asks about Kunal also. Kittu says he is fine. jaya says its Kunal’s call. Kittu talks to him.

Kunal tells Kittu that mum is against my trip for reunion. Kittu says why, is she on hunger strike. He says yes. He says she is being adamant. Kittu says her anger is for sometime. Kunal asks what should I do now. Anand asks Kittu what happened. Kittu tells that her mum is annoyed with Kunal. Mummy looks on. Kamini is feeling hungry and tries to find something to eat in her room. She finds biscuits and eats them. Kunald brings food for her and asks her to eat food. She says you don’t care about me. Kunal says I m sorry. Kamini says tell me you won’t go there.

Kunal says you should not blackmail me like this. He says can we come on a compromise. Kittu calls Kamini. Kamini does not take her call. Kamini asks Kunal about the mid way. Kunal says you have food, I will also have food, then we will talk. Kamini agrees and says on my terms. Anand sees Kittu upset. She tells him that her mum is not taking her call. He asks whats the matter. She says I don’t know. Anand says you don’t take tension. She says there is something serious. Anand says you know your brother, he can manage your mum’s anger very well. Anand says Mummy told today about celebrating diwali alone, were you also shocked. Kittu cries and he hugs her.

Kittu says I don’t understand anything, Mummy is not telling me anything, sometimes I feel Mummy is annoyed with my mum. Anand says you are right, I have also noticed, I went to to talk to her but she made excuses. Kittu says I will ask her.

Kittu calls Kamini again and still does not take her call. Kamini says I don’t want to talk. jaya calls her.
Kamini talks to her and asks how are you. jaya says I came back to celebrate diwali, what happened between you and my family. Kamini says how do you know. jaya says Mummy has closed the doors for you here. Kamini says what. jaya says did Kittu not tell you. jaya says this time we won’t celebrate together, what is the matter. Kamini says I m worried right now, and ends the call. jaya says she asked me everything and did not tell me. Ishaan comes to pick Shraddha. Shraddha is missing Dhruv. She asks why did you come, I would have come by rickshaw.

Ishaan jokes. Shraddha sits in the car and asks where is the bouquet which Kunal gave, Ishaan asks her to avoid Kunal and not go to the reunion with him. He asks her to cancel the reunion trip. Shraddha is shocked. Kittu is making rangoli thinking about the problems which is not aware of. jaya comes to her and asks why are you doing this alone, I will help you. Kittu says its fine, jaya asks why are you upset. She says did you feel bad about Mummy’s words. Kittu says I forgot I kept vegs on stove, I will do the kitchen work, you make this rangoli. jaya smiles and says what will you do about the things happening in your house.

Anand asks Papa to talk to Mummy as she looks worried. Kunal comes and greets Papa. Papa calls Kittu. jaya tells Kunal you came on right time, Shraddha came just now. Anand welcomes Kunal. Kunal tells my mum does not want me to go in the reunion. He says I can’t understand her. Kittu says I called her many times, but she did not take my call. Kunal says because she knows you will support me. Kunal says mum may have spoken to any girl’s family. Ashish meets Kunal. Kunal says I brought crackers for Dhruv and asks where is he. Anand says he went on an educational trip. Kunal says I did not know this.

Papa asks Kunal will you not go for the reunion. Kunal says I m going, I m a not a kid to get lost, see Dhruv went for the trip, so why can’t I. jaya asks why are you going in the party. Kunal says we get to meet old college friends, it looks great and we get happiness. Kunal asks Shraddha. Shraddha says I m not going. Papa says why, you said you will go. Shraddha says I m not going. Everyone are shocked.

Mummy tells Papa about Kamini’s taunts. She says I will not call Kamini at home as she is after Shraddha’s happiness. Kittu and Anand hears all this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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