Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says your sister is here to save you from all the troubles. I am going to see at the cliff what happened. Roli says you are always there for me.
Simar leave for the cliff. She reaches there and ask people.
No one has seen any accident there. She calls roli and tells her. When she turns back someone shoves her and she falls off the cliff.

Roli says i have done something so bad. She calls simar but her phone is off. SHe gets a call from inspector. He says i have a car here. Is that your car’s number. We got this car on the cliff and the lady who was driving this car met an accident. She has fell from th cliff. Can you tell us who was driving that car ? Roli cried the phone falls from her hand. She starts crying. Everyone comes to the room. Sid asks what happened ? Mata ji says please say something roli.
Roli says inspector called from old cliff. He told me that simar didi met an accident. Everyone is shocked.

Scene 2
Prem says what was simar doing there ? Roli says she went because of me. I told her that i hit someone last night. She went to the cliff to see what actually happened last night. She called and told me that everything was okay there.They are om their way. Sujata says why didn’t you tell us. She says didi asked me not to.
They reach the accident site. Prem asks the cops where is simar / Roli says is she okay ? inspector says before our rescue teams could find her she passed away. We could not save her.
There is a dead body in front of them. He says to Prem your wife is no more in this world.

They all head to the body. Prem recalls all his moments with simar. He sits there and is about to take off the cloth, DOctor says body is not in good condition. Prem, says i have to see this face. Its nit simar. Sujata says no this is not simar. She can’t leave us. Mausi ji says yeah this is not siamr. inspector says we haev got some personals of her. That could identify if this is simar or not.He shows them the bangles and wedding locket. Roli recalls siamr wearing the same bangles. Prem sees the packet and falls on the ground, crying so hard. Rajhinder says yes these are our daughter’s belongings. Cops are taking the body for post mortem. Perm says where are you taking my wife. Sid says please prem control yourself.

Scene 3
Roli recalls how simar ws giving her strength last night and now she is not there. Sid comes to her and sits. He says roli everyone is waiting for you downstairs for funeral. Roli is not listening. He says roli are you listening to me ? This is the last time to see your sister. Accept the truth. Your sister will be angry to know that her roli didn’t come for her funeral Roli cries and hugs him. Sid says please don’t cry. Roli says you know I am responsible for her death. I should not have sent didi there. Sid says did you know that something is gonna happen there ? Life and death is only what God decides. Stop blaming yourself. Roli says I can’t do this. Roli says I will go with didi to God. Sid says don’t say this how will I live without you.

Percap- Simar’s last funerals are being done. Prem and roli are so upset..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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