Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan tells shayl she will have to do something now and will bring them out of that Guru ji’s hands. Shayl says she is always with her and blesses her that you get success. Gunjan says she knew shayl will always be there for her. gunjan says she know she isn’t the one who prays a lot but she is sure God will be with her.
Rajiv comes to Gunjan in the workshop; he says he has something important to say to her. He says he can’t tell it to her, can’t she take an off from office. KT listens to them. He insists her; KT thinks I know her she would never leave her work. There Rachna agrees and goes to take permission with KT.
At Ashram, the man announces they can give their Prasad to Guru ji now.
Rajiv brings Rachna to a hall with the sofa. She asks him the reason he brought her here. She is worried that no one is here. He tells her to sit on the sofa, and vanishes. She says you told me that a there is going to be some performance. She turns around and not finding Rajiv there calls him. All of a sudden piano music plays and Rajiv sings her a song. She considers herself with KT as they dance. In reality she was uncomfortable there, roses comes from the roof as Rajiv kneels down and presents her with a red-rose saying I Love You Rachna. She was shocked. She asks him what she is doing, and she doesn’t like it. He says he is expressing his love, doesn’t she like it. She asks what kind of a joke is it. He asks you should ask yourself didn’t you love me; we can start over it again. He says I love you whole-heartedly and will keep you happy always. She gets rid of her hand and says that I don’t and begin to leave. He holds her hand and says it is fine you don’t love me, but can I ask the reason. She wipes her tear; she says she doesn’t feel for him like this. He asks for the reason. She thinks about KT, how he saved her from the mob. She says she can never love him because she… she loves someone else. She leaves, crying. Rajiv sees the rose in hand, smiles and says he know who else do you love, he had to do all this drama. He says I don’t understand why you and KT are making each other miserable but he will let them meet. And this is a promise by her Rajiv sir.
Guru ji calls Seema first, she comes forward. Gunjan calls from behind and stops Seema. They were all shocked to see her there. She comes forward and put the tray of Prasad near Guru ji. She says she brought 56 food items for him as she removes the cloth from them. she says she know she pointed finger at him a few days ago and asks her apology. She says she announces today that there is no one like Guru ji in the world. He nods at her smilingly. They all become happy, Gunjan makes him eat sweet with her own hand. She kneels to his feet and asks for apology. He says he didn’t dislike her act and she need not apologize. He points something to his man, he nods and says that they can’t forgive her as you did. Everyone there stood up. Guru ji asks them to be quiet as she says sorry now. Gunjan says she is ready to prove her faith. The man warns her to think again, she looks at Mayank and assures she will do anything. The man says you will have to walk bare-footed on burning coal.

PRECAP: Gunjan goes on the burning coals, while Mayank can’t stop her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Shakuntalam Telefilm’s popular show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke on Zee TV is gearing up with a romantic sequence but it is between Rachna (Mahima Makhwana) and Rajeev (Zohaib Siddique).

    The audiences have witnessed that Rachna and Kabir Tripathi (Piyush sachdev) have feelings for each other. In the previous episodes when Rajeev was training Rachna, Rachna develops feelings for Rajeev and confesses to Rajeev also but he refuses to accept her proposal.

    But now it is Rachna’s turn to reject his proposal. She will not reject his proposal for taking revenge but because she is in love with KT.

    Our sources informed us, “Rajeev will take Rachna to a club where he will give her surprise by dancing on a romantic number Baarish from the film Yaariyaan and in a very romantic way. She will be in a state of shock as he has already rejected her and now she is in love with KT. Rajeev is back in her life. Rachna will reject his proposal as she respects him a lot because he is her tutor but doesn’t have any sort of feelings for him.”

    How will Rajeev react? Will he accept the rejection? To know more keep reading the space.

  2. I love this episode

  3. I knew this was just a Drama to let Rachna confess her love for KT…………
    Thanks Rajeev…
    You are to cute…

  4. OMG….I cant believe it… last…oh..!I’m sorry Rajeev…actually its your plan…?Thank u Rajeev….i cant wait to see rachna kabir confessing their love to each other…omg i still cant believe…love this episode

  5. @valar me too

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