Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The next round of Bahu no 1 starts. Irt is realted to kids. pari asks do we have to take care of children ? He says yes just a little difference. Take these eggs as children. He takes out a basket in which there are some decorted eggs. He says its has come up with the whole teami. There is this basket that contains a sound recorder and a spy cam. I will give each one of you this basket and you have to take it with you. if something happens to your egg before the task ends you will be eliminated. Pari thinks what a joke is that. Family helped me in dealing with arrav how will i take care of this egg. The host distributes the eggs among them. Bhagti says in her heart jhanvi i won’t let you win this competition.

Scene 2
Roli says in a few hours our fight will be the fight of masses. Mata ji says I hope everything will be okay. Khushi says in her heart wow mata ji you are jumping a ditch a think that everything will be okay. I fear that among them all I will be destroyed too. Juwala will kill me.
Pari and Uma come home with their eggs. Karuna says what is this. You brought eggs with so much decoration. Mausi ji says what kind of competition is that. This egg smells so bad. Uma says we also don’t like eggs but how will we win if you say so. Pari says we have to feel like a mom fo them. Mata ji says we have to support them. Khushi wonders there must be osme way to get that recoridng from Verma. Roli asks what are you thinking khushi ? Khushi says just a bit tensed. We are going to take such a big step. Simar says don’t worry its for little time then the fear of juwala will leave our minds.

Scene 3
Bhagti pretends like she is so worried. Bua ji says don’t worry just like you take care of everyone you can take care of this egg. I can’t say that for evryone though. Shanti says no its nit ike that jhanvi will win this comppetition for sure. Jahnvi says i have all the confidence in me. i know that I have the guts of being a good mom. I won’t disappoint you.

Scene 4
Khushi goes to verma and says she wants water. She goes to take the water. Khushi asks where is washroom. Verma says you know very well. Khushi goes to the bedroon of verma and starts looking everywhere for the recorder. Simar comes an says are you looking for this ? Khushi says in excitement yes. When she turns back she is dazed to see roli and simar alon with verma there. Khushi is confused. Simar says you know since we got this proof we can see the pale face of you. Roli says that we knew that something is going in your mind. Khushi says I was doing this all for you. Verma says khushi i always supported you but you never learn to be good. Simar says Juwala thought she will use ou against us and then once she gets what she wants then she will kill you as well, Roli says we have this proof with which we can get juwala punished for her sins. We never thought you will work against us. Well juwla now has to face us. You will text that to her. Khushi says in her heart what a situation are you stuck in billo rani.

Scene 5
Birju calls khushi and says whatever are you doing you will face so much trouble. Juwala asks to turn on the speaker. Juwala says I have only one punishment for the traitor and that is death. khushi gets scared and sas please listen to me once before you decide something.

Scene 6
Simar and Roli have called the press. Simar says we have called you for a grand reason here. We need to change the system that is working on the priciples of curropion. Simar aks verma for the phone. She looks in the phone there is no recording in it. Verma shows it to simar and says the video is not in it. Everyone is shocked. Simar says how is this possible where is all your data ? Everyone is so dazed. Verma says this is not my phone simar.
Juwala is watching them on TV. Juwala says whatever I touch it comes to me. She takes out the phone. She says look at this proof in my hand. Roli wonders how Verma’s phone can be changed. Who did this ?
Roli and Simar are so embarrassed. Juwala is so happy..

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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