Saraswatichandra 10th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras getting Kabir’s jacket on the road. Saras says its Kabir’s, he wore this. She gets a joker’s mask and says is it related to circus. Saras says we can find him there at the circus. Ghuman smiles seeing Saraswati’s pic and says I m sending your sons to you, I did not let you live with peace and not giving peace even after your death, I can hear your shouts for your sons and I m feeling so good. She smiles and says do you know how Laxminandan turned off, same way Kusum will turn off from Danny and I will get my son.

She laughs and says Ghuman won again, my hatred has made you all’s love fail. She burns her pic and says good bye. She says very soon your son’s arthi’s will be burning like this. She puts the pic in bin. Saras and Kumud try finding Kumud. She says how to find him in so much crowd. He says lets find him that way. Kabir is kept somewhere tied to the chair. He tries to free himself. Kumud says its only 4 hours left now for 12. They see a man wearing joker’s mask. The man comes to them with a box.

The man shows his face and says this is for you. Many many happy returns of the day. Saras asks where is my brother. He says I don’t know, I m just a messenger. He leaves. Kumud says check this. He gets a chit with Street Park Godown written. Saras says we got Kabir’s address, come. They run. Danny thinks about Kusum’s words and is tensed. Kusum sees him. Danny books his Dubai tickets for tonight. Danny sees Kusum standing at the door.

Kusum comes to him. She says are you going. Danny says what I did not do, for that I can’t see your hatred, so I m going, maybe you are hurt seeing me, how to prove I did not do it, trust me. She says you have to gain trust by proving yourself innocent. He says I don’t have anything to prove. She says so going hiding your face, no you can’t go, you have to prove. She holds his hand and says come with me. Vidyachatur tells everyone that don’t worry, I will talk to Danny tomorrow alone. Kusum brings Danny home and calls Kalika.

Everyone ask Kusum what is she doing. Kusum says I m deciding who is right or wrong, he was leaving for Dubai without telling anyone. Kusum says if I did not go there, he would have gone tonight. Kusum says Kalika you were right, Danny did wrong with you that’s why he was running, now you are not alone, I m with you and will make him punished. Kalika is happy and thinks I did not know this would happen, but Ghuman was right. Kumud and Saras come to the godown. Kumud says nothing will happen to him, we will take him.

They see Kabir caught there. Kabir says Saras and smiles. Saras looks at him and walks to him. Kabir looks at the bomb and says Saras stop there, don’t come near me, you don’;t know Ghuman will kill you too, Kumud take him. The goons see Saras. Saras says nothing will happen, I came. Kabir shouts Saras. It gets dark and Saras is caught by the goons. Badimaa asks Kusum what is she doing, we all know Danny is innocent. Kusum says he should prove it.

Kusum says I will take Kalika to hospital for tests, then everyone will know Kalika is right. Kalika says but which hospital will be open at night. Kusum says don’t worry, everyone knows me, we will do the tests today and we will get justice for you, we all will know he raped you and then I will send him to jail. Kalika is tensed and everyone are shocked. Yash says yes Kalika, do the tests and prove him wrong. Send Danny to jail. Danny understand Kusum’s plan. Vidyachatur says Danny let the test happen, we will know you are innocent, don’t worry.

Kusum says come Kalika, prove it. Kalika says no, I did not go to police station as everyone will know, if we go to hospital, all villagers will know. Kusum says I have to support truth and will face everyone. Kalika says Danny is your husband, if he gets punished, your marriage will break. Kusum says we don’t have trust and respect, our marriage is broken. Kalika says no he should get a chance. Kusum says we should go now and calls the doctor. She says come Kalika. Kalika says no, we can’t do this. Kusum asks why. Yash says when Kusum wants to punish Danny, why are you afraid. Yash’s mum says I m with you, come.

Kusum says prove yourself innocent. Kalika says I can’t go Kusum, as I have lied. Everyone is shocked. Saras wakes up and sees Kabir and Kumud tied on the chairs. He gets up and Kumud cries saying Saras. Kabir shouts Saras. Saras looks at them and is shocked. He says Kumud and runs to her. Kabir says don’t come here, we are tied to bombs, stay here. He says why did you come here, I cheated you and your family. He says why did you come here. Saras says as my younger brother’s life is in danger. Kalika says I lied, Danny did not do anything. He is innocent. Kusum smiles. Yash holds Kalika and says why, how dare you blame Danny.

Kalika says no, I did not do, I was made to do this. Kusum asks who. Kalika says the one who wanted to separate you. Kalika says I can’t tell the name. Yash gets angry and says you have to tell the name, their lives could have been destroyed by this lie, even their marriage would have broken, tell the name. Kalika says I can’t. Vidyachatur stops her and says tell us. Danny holds Kalika and says tell Kalika and shouts. Kalika says Ghuman. Everyone are shocked. Ghuman sings happy birthday to you on videochat. She says don’t try to free them Saras, else you all will die. She says happy birthday Kabir. She asks did you like my present.

Saraswatichandra, you are great, but this time no. Saras says you lost Ghuman. Ghuman says I did the arrangements to kill your wife and brother, you have lost Saras. Kabir says don’t bring them between. Ghuman says you were only a link Kabir, it was all between your mum and me, her love won over my beauty, and she left her sons between me and Laxminandan. She says you all have made me away from my son, I will not leave you all. Kumud says they are Nandu Kaka’s sons, how can you do this with him. Ghuman says I should have killed Kabir before, I will kill Saraswati’s sons. She says my wounds have got cooled in these three days when Saras was tensed about Kabir finding him.

She asks Saras to see them for the last time. She says your death is not so easy, I decided to give you a chance, choose anyone between them and save. She says do you think you reached here because of your smartness. I gave you the clues and made you come here. I made Kabir leave the clues. Saras thinks. Ghuman says Kabir tried hard to run away, but he failed. Ghuman says these two are dies with death, lets see who gets a life, but the problem is if anyone move, the second bomb will activate and then blast. You have 10 mins and then will be the blast, save anyone you want, tell me who is more lovable to you, bye for forever Saraswatichandra. She smiles looking at their tensed faces.

Kumud asks Saras to take Kabir and leave. Kabir says no Saras, take Kumud and go. Saras thinks what to do.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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