Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sid comes to jhanvi’s room and says jhanvi wake up but she doesn’t. Sid is shocked. He says this powder was in prem and sid’s glass as well? he leaves. amar comes to jhanvi’s room and says jhanvi.. she gets up.

Sid says there is milk glass in every room, this means they are all faint. who did this? he goes to sattu’s room? Jhanvi and amar come out. Sujata and karuna are also keeping an eye on sid. Amar makes some sand marks on floor with vacuum cleaner. Jhanvi helps him. jhanvi says now this snake will know what is the strength of this family. your time is over snake. Sujata says i don’t feel good, we can’t attack someone from back. Karuna says we have to save our family from her. God is always with the right. Sujata says you are right.

fake roli says to roli, prem and simar this drama is not going to get you anything. roli says the real drama will start downstairs. fake roli says you can never win from me. simar says time will tell. sid asks her to come downstairs. roli says go he is calling you. fake roli goes downstairs and wonders what plan they have made? simar says there are two plans if she gets to save from one, she will get stuck in the other. Fake roli walks past the sand.amar and jhanvi are watching her. Amar says she is really clever. Jhanvi says will our plan fail? roli start following her. Fake roli comes downstairs. simar says this is the last step God. if she slips our plan will work. fake roli slips her gets her head hurt. Simar and everyone smiles. Roli comes and says what happened to you? Sid says you have bruise on your head? Sid asks roli to call doctor. Sid says come with me. he takes her to room. roli says in heart after some time, sid will forget your love forever. Sid makes her lie on the bed. He tries to dress her bruise. he says thank God bruise is not deep. fake roli says sid don’t go anywhere. sid says where can i go without you? i am incomplete without you. roli comes in and says this is not hidden from anyone that sid and roli love each other so much. and no matter how hard they try they can never take sid from roli. I have called the doctor. fake roli says i don’t need doctor i am fine. Roli says you don’t know someone is playing this game with you. you have to be okay to face her. Sid says she is right. roli says get better after that we will finish who is doing this with this family. truth wins in the end. doorbell rings. roli opens it, its calendar disguised as a doctor. He says i have to check a snake. roli says you have to be careful if sid sees you, our game will be over. amar prem ad simar come as well. simar says i know you and calendar will do it the best. amar says we have to make her eat the medicine baba ji gave.

Roli comes in with amar and calendar. she says doctor she fell from stairs. Fake roli says why you called the doctor, i am fine. Aamr says she has to be checked. Sid says please let him do the check up roli. fake roli says i am fine, its not paining. Roli says pain will come later, sid says don’t take risk with your health. amar comes forward he says the bruise is not much deep, He dresses it. He says i am giving some medicines. roli says please sid stop him. roli says yeah don’t give her medicine give her injection. Sid says don’t stop them roli, let them give you the injection. roli says why are you taking this bruise so lightly. like you are not human. sid says roli for me you have to take the injection. fake roli says in heart if i say no now, sid might doubt.

Prem and simar are praying. simar says without your help we wont be able to reach the destination God, show us the right path. fake roli says yes for the injection. amar says in heart this powder will lessen her powers and she will faint as well. He gives the injection to fake roli. amar says you should sleep now. roli says i think sid we should get rest of the people checked as well. they are all faint, sid says you are right. He goes with the doctor. Roli says to fake roli is it paining? it will because the injection had baba’s powder. how was injection’s idea? i knew if we gave you by mouth you would have placed in your throat, that injection had fainting agent as well. so you can’t move until the powder starts working.

Precap-simar says you have to tell that snake that you have the powers of woman. you have to do this pooja as well. Go and come as wife of sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. for the next 10epi fake roli will fighr with the 2 sis then she will die and agaij there will be a new d

  2. how u knw?

  3. Come on yaar pls show her true identity to said.we want to see rosid together again in ssk

  4. Come on yaar pls show her true identity to sid.we want to see rosid together again in ssk

  5. finally avika is i think trp rating also will increase.we r watching this show because of twists not for that nagin.and i also got another news somebody are saying that ssk going to end because of less trp.but its a fake will not end end on april it continues asual.and new drama will start

    1. pragna ha ha lollll
      like pregnant !! 🙂

  6. Wat the show will run only till April?????

  7. acha hai… true love always win eithr in drama r in life.

  8. is nagin ke baad tho kuch din prem.simar aur roli.sid ka love story extend karo yaar

  9. Yaar what a awful episode love it

  10. i like it

  11. This Snake plot is Draaaaaaaagggggiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg

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