Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv was drunk, he creates a drama that he wants it now. The bar man says it is just coming. Dhruv says he doesn’t give him because he isn’t Manik Malhotra. Manik comes and asks the bar man to go and get it now for him. The bar man rushes inside. Dhruv says see he brought it right away when Manik said. Cabir says Manik has organized the party so the staff knows him. Dhruv says next year he will organize the party. The bar man gets the glass, Dhruv drops it down. Manik, Aaliya and everyone try to make up Dhruv’s mind, but Dhruv says now he will no longer remain silent. He fell down, Cabir says they have a flight for warrior high tomorrow morning. Dhruv leaves saying he doesn’t want to go to Warrior High, and he doesn’t want a friendship of Fab5. Cabir goes behind him saying he will control him.
At night, Manik calls Dhruv then tries Cabir’s number. Cabir says he is his home and is alright. Manik says he was so drunk and what he was saying that all because of his addiction. Cabir asks him not to take tension, and get to sleep because they have to leave at five in the morning. Manik thinks about Pandit asking Nandini to come at five in morning, alone. Manik says she can do whatever she wants to, then is curt how she can be so reckless to say yes to that Pandit. Nandini tries to call Manik but it can’t reach.
Nandini comes to college, the lights go off. Someone lights a candle, it was Pandit. He says it is her first practice. Pandit says he wants to make her the best because her dadi made him the best. Nandini asks is he her student, why he didn’t tell her before. He takes her bag and asks her to begin.
Cabir wakes Dhruv up. Navya gets him yougurt with sweet saying it is good but Cabir says no sweet yougurt as it’s their performance today. She goes back and gets limewater this time. Mukti also comes there. Cabir and Mukti ask him if he is performing, Dhruv nods that he is.
Mukti is relieved and says he was talking to Manik so badly. Cabir asks her to leave it now, as they are getting late. Mukti says Aaliya is waiting downstairs she will meet them down soon. Cabir says to Dhruv they can talk about something like that anytime. Dhruv asks what about, and goes to get fresh. Cabir feels bad for him.
Pandit ji asks Nandini to close her eyes now, what she see. She looks at Manik. She says fire, he says good that she is focused now. Should they start, Nandini watches a rat and screams hard, running outside.
Cabir announces that Manik isn’t picking the call, what is he doing. Manik was playing the rat with remote. He plays with Nandini, but after a while Nandini stops shouting. He looks at her, she got his joke. She asks what is this all. He says this all. She asks what is he doing so early in morning. He says he has an early morning flight, she asks what is the connection in coming to college. He says she has also come here when no one is here. She says Pandit ji called him. She says most of Classical singers practice alone in the morning. He asks why he didn’t call me. She says he thinks he is better, she needs practice and what is the problem. He says there is problem, didn’t she notice how he was watching her. And today in the morning, he was looking at her through candle light. She cheers that Mr. Manik Malhotra is jealous and that too of a Pandit. He says this is nonsense. She says it means a lot to her, he can’t see her with anyone else. She says she can give her five minutes. He says bull shit, she can only think like that but he came here… She asks oh really? He was quiet. She says he worries for her and cares her, and she is happy. She hugs him, he can’t say anything and hugs her back. Pandit ji comes calling Nandini angrily.
Cabir announces Manik isn’t home, the servant says he went too early. Dhruv says why doesn’t anyone say anything to Manik, when they were worried about me.
Pandit ji brings the rat and asks what is this. He silences Nandini and tells her to go and practice. Pandit ji asks Manik to make him understand what this is. Manik says he doesn’t think it necessary. Pandit ji says he is worrying his student, there was something between you two and it is over. Manik says a teacher must not interfere with the personal matters of student. Manik asks who is he to stop him. Pandit ji says he is her guru, who is he to stop him. Nandini comes and says she has to talk to Manik, she tells him about Cabir’s message to ask him to get airport soon else they will get late. Cabir leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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