Saraswatichandra 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny looking out for Kusum. Kusum follows Saras and goes after him. Kalika hears someone coming and hides. Saras comes to the locked room. Kusum thinks why is Saras going there. She looks inside and sees Saras talking to someone. Saras says what we wanted happened, Kusum and Danny have come closer. Kalika runs and comes downstairs. She says I got saved, and looks at the keys. She says who was there at this time, lets see, who will have work there apart from me. Yash comes to her and she is shocked. He asks where were you. Kalika makes excuse and says you go, I will come. Yash leaves. Kalika is relieved.

Danny is shouting Kusum and finds her slippers. He looks around for her getting worried. Saras says Kusum was finding you hard today, Danny was helping her, she was regretting and then the family turned, she has only Danny’s support now, she will realize her mistake and Danny’s love, it will happen like we planned Kumud. Kusum is shocked to see Kumud and Saras together. Kumud and Saras smile. Kumud says yes Saras, I m really happy for Kusum, its happening like we thought. Saras and Kumud have a hug. Saras says Kumud, if even after this, they don’t come closer, then I think I will go to Dubai for always. Kumud says don’t say this.

Kusum breaks down seeing them. Kumud says don’t ever leave me, I can forgive you for every mistake, but you don’t leave me, I m sure that our try will succeed, Danny and Kusum are coming closer, our lie will be accepted. Saras signs yes. Kusum is in a state of shock. She thinks how Saras scared her and made her find Kumud madly. She thinks about Kumud’s words. She thinks of her hard search for Kumud. Kalika comes to Guniyal’s room to keep back the keys. Someone knocks the door and Kalika keeps the keys and is tensed. Guniyal wakes up and says Kalika……..

Kalika is worried. Someone still knocks the door. Kalika says I came to wake you up, as someone is at the door. Guniyal says fine and goes to check. They open the door and its Danny. Danny asks is Kusum here, where did she go. He hears some sound and something falls. He then sees Kusum is a shcoked state. Kalika thinks when did Kusum come. Danny runs to Kusum and holds her asking what happened. Kusum faints. Everyone wake up and come to Kusum asking what happened.

Danny tries to wake her up. Saras says what happened to her. Kalika says even Saras was here. Badimaa looks at Saras. Yash brings water and Danny sprinkles on her. Kusum wakes up and sees Danny holding her hand. Everyone ask Kusum what happened. Kusum looks at Saras and gets up. She says call her. Everyone look on. Vidyachatur asks where are you going. Kusm goes upstairs. Danny asks where are you going.

Kusum comes to Kumud. Kumud is shocked. Kusum holds her hand and Kumud says listen to me once. Everyone are shocked to see Kumud in the house. Kusum brings Kumud in the hall infront of everyone. Vidyachatur hugs Kumud being delighted seeing her. He says so you came finally. Guniyal also hugs Kumud and says where did you go. Yash’s mum says did you come home, or were here, why did you not tell anyone. Vidyachatur asks whats all this. Kumud says I was in lodge till yesterday, I came here when you all went to mandir, Saras brought me here. Kalika says does she know I was there unlocking the lock. Vidyachatur asks Saras is this true. Yash’s mum says yes, it is, thats why Saras is here at this time in our house.

Kusum says they did this because of me, to teach me a lesson, right Didi? She says Saras did this to teach me a lesson, am I right? Kusum says I did not realize so you made me regret. She says your sight has burnt me more than that fire. She says Saras punished me. Saras says it was my plan, Kumud trusted me and left the house, we did this to bring you and Danny closer. Dada ji says I supported them. Badimaa says even I did, ask all of us. Kusum says everyone has created this illusion for me, my sister was ready to give me Saraswatichandra, and everything which I wanted to take away from her. She apologizes to Kumud. She says the Lord has chosen Saras for you.

Kusum smiles and tells Saras to accept Kumud forever.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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