Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar realizes that they have forgotten to make sweets. They find out that the sweet written they don’t know how to make it. Simar says we have 30 minutes we can still try to make it. Uma says try to remember that i told you how to make it. Roli says leave it Meghna won’t realize that there is no sweet. Simar says she is already angry. We have to make it.
Simar tries to remember how Uma made it. Only 10 minutes are left and whole family wonders that will they be able to make it or not. They come out with the sweets. Everyone is happy. They try to reach the temple.

Scene 2
It the mandir Meghna is distributing clothes among the poor people. pandit ji says you are such a generous woman. Maeghna says I believe that we should all help the poor people.

Simar says you are right we are with you in this good deed. Simar says we have made food for all these people. He says thats so good. He says let me send you the volunteers of mandir. They will help you out. Meghna says let them do this and have the happiness of God be with them. Meghan says you have to do this barefooted.

Scene 3
Sujata says I am so worried about Roli and Simar. Mata ji screams a little. Sujata says this is happening because of the hunger. Mausi ji starts shouting at Meghna. Mata ji says Roli and Simar will win for sure.
Roli and Simar serve food to all the people. Simar asks Roli is she okay ? Roli says I am fine Meghna will give food to our family as fast as we do it. Simar brings Roli water. She starts again. Simar says i can’t see roli in this condition please help her. Meghna is enjoying the view. Simar’s feet are hurt too. Suddenly a man come and drop water from his hand. It touches Roli’s feet and she feels relieved. Roli says I feel good now.
They start to serve the food again. Attul says i am dazed to see their courage. Simar says to Meghna i have done what you said ? Meghna says the clue is left. There is still one man left here who hasn’t given the food.Roli says but you said that we have to serve 100 people. Meghna says don’t argue and find the person who is left. They start asking different people. All of them are done with it.
There Mata ji is not feeling good. Everyone is worried about her. Sid shouts Meghna Mata ji’s condition is worsening, prem says please help Meghna. Sujata says she is finding it difficult breathe. Sujata please help us God.
There Simar prays to her God to let them win. Attul says I feel like they are tired that’s why they are asking for God’s help, Meghna says that prayer won’t do anything. You have find that person. Simar sees Pandit ji and says its him. They ask him to sit so they can serve him. They bring the food for him and are grateful to their God for it. They turn to Meghna.

Precap-Simar asks what are you saying ? Is our family okay ? Meghna says just know that life of a person of family belongs to the next task. You have to do it to save that person.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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