Saraswatichandra 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 8th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras explaining Danny not to do this. Dada ji says let them go, they should know what we are for them. Danny takes Kusum holding her hand and leaves. Saras tries to stop him. Danny talks to Kusum. She cries and says no one believed me. Danny holds her and says they will believe yo, the day they see the true Kusum, no one will doubt on you, we will win their trust, promise. She holds his hands and looks at him. Guniyal asks Dada ji why did you not stop Kusum. They talk they will be worried about Danny and Kusum.

Yash’s mum says Saras is not our son in law, he comes to our house and does some petty works, once he is married to Kumud, then see what he does. Badimaa says what do you want to say. Yash’s mum says son and daughter in law are useful,

Yash is our blood, you can’t trust anyone else. She leaves angrily. Dada ji says she is always against Kumud and Saras. Yash apologizes on his mum’s behalf. Saras says I did not feel bad, she is elder and can tell anything. Saras asks everyone to go home and he will bring Dada ji with him.

Everyone leaves. Saras asks Dada ji why did you do overacting. Dada ji says Danny is Kusum’s husband, let him be with her. Saras says where will they go. Dada ji says they will be alone and become romantic too, they will fall in love. Saras smiles. Danny and Kusum are looking out for Kumud. Its night, Danny makes Kusum wash her face and gives her a cloth to wipe her face. She says thanks Danny, id you have not supported me, everyone would have turned back. He says you are not alone, don’t think this, the day is over, lets find Kumud tomorrow.

She says where will we go. He says thats your AC room and shows the care. She says lets go home, I will talk to Dada ji. He says no, I have promised everyone that we will come home when we get Kumud, you have to support me and I promise nothing will happen to me in my presence. Yash talks to Kalika and says I told her not to talk about my right. He asks Kalika did you tell her about your dream. Kalika says no, I did not say. He says I will get whats on my dad’s name. Dada ji made the will and the property is on his three son’s names and the will is in the room upstairs and if they make a new will, we will know about it. Kalika thinks to go to that room and find out, but where might be the key. She smiles.

Kusum and Danny are together. Danny gives his jacket to Kusum and they get closer. He makes her rest and says so this is your bed and now you can sleep with peace. He says good night and closes the door. He feels cold standing outside. She looks at him as he sleeps on the bench. Kalika sees Yash sleeping and walks out of the room. She goes upstairs and steps in Vidyachatur’s room. She finds the keys and tries to take it.

She takes the keys and leaves from their room. Kusum goes to Danny and returns his jacket to him by covering him with it. She thinks about Saras and about Danny’s words that he has only her in his life. She thinks Saras loves Kumud. Kusum thinks about Danny’s love for her and how he supported her infront of everyone. She thinks about Saras’s words and walks somewhere. She sees Saras going and says Saras, where is he going at this time.

She follows Saras. A man bumps into Kusm and she falls saying Ahhhh…. Saras hears the sound and turns to see who is it. Kalika smiles seeing the keys and goes to that room which is locked and has the will. Kusum hides and Saras does not see her. Kusum walks barefoot as her slipper breaks. She says here and is stunned to see Saras walk in her house. Danny falls off the bench and gets up. He sees the jacket and smiles. He is shocked to see Kusum missing and thinks where did she go. He calls out Kusum and tries to find her. Danny calls Kusum and finds her mobile in the car. He says she left the phone here and goes to look out for her.

Kalika comes to that locked room and panics as the lock does not open. Kusum is after Saras and thinks why is Saras coming here as a thief. She says why is he going from back door. Kalika is trying every key to open the lock. She tries to open it by her hair pin. She thinks did they change the key, but why will they.


Saras meets Kumud and updates about Kusum and Danny. Kusum sees them talking.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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