Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2014 Written Update

Episode START!!

Madhu Ben happy to know that soon real killer will be caught. Umri said why she get so happy. or she felt there must had Koki plan for saved Gopi. or when Gopi herself accept her crime then why need for more investigetion. Madhu get irritate on Urmi. other side Kinjal being mad with Dhawal why he want to take other blame upon him. Dhawal appologise with her.

In late night Gopi enter in Koki room. she start searching for cupboard keys. then she moves to open cupboard then drawer. she find fingerpraints papers over there she found put real victim named paper out. here she just abt to spilt Koki wakes up or switch on the lights. Gopi stop there her place and Koki comes or grab the paper she read name was “Kinjal” Koki shocked to know that Gopi willing to save Kinjal or she is the real killer of Umang. then Koki asked Gopi to tell her whole truth of that day?? Rashi also come in room. Gopi tell her ( When she was going towards Umangs room she was Kinjal come out frm his room angrily then she came in umangs room and start argument with him, Umang sitted on sofa but when she come near him she saw knife in his stomach. seeing all She got very scared she tried to save his life so she pull knife out but blood rians more faster. she become more scared or she did wht she felt right on that time) Koki says her but hidding Kinjal crime or took her blame over herself was also not good. Gopi beg Koki that she not reveal it either. but Koki refused her all begging. Koki said she right now going to tell every thing to police. Gopi forced her beg her more that Kinjal is out of all situation plz let her out do not involve her in this matter when blame had already comes over her then why need to reveal real truth. but Koki said she never make any difference between Bahu and Daughter. if Kinjal did crime so she must had deserve the punishement too. Gopi keep koki hand on her head give her swear.. but Koki refused it. she said ok till yet she not reveal to the family but in morning she must has do. Koki said Rashi left Gopi in her room. Rashi Gopi walks so following them Tripti also walk. Koki sees her and suspects wht Tripti has doing outside of her room.

Rashi call Urmi and tell her that Kinjal is actual murderer of Umang. first Urmi get happy then let see whom will Koki save both of them are Koki’s beloved. Rashi tells her that dont be so happy coz after umang urmi is next enemy of Kinjal.. hear that Urmi got super scared. She walk into Kitchen where Kinjal already there she searching for knife for open Mosquito coal packet. Urmi supposed that Kinjal finding knife for killed her. so get more scared with her.

In Morning… Gopi yet again beg to Koki that she wont reveal the truth or send her jail again… Rashi comes and says that why she want to in jail again when they out her after doing all drama.. Radha overheard their coversation also she capture video of them.. Radha yells that now get to know all their drama so now she said to police aswell. she yells police or Rashi trying stop her.

other side in RN. Urmi running away frm Kinjal by supposing that she wants to kill her. also she hide all such weapons which she suspect were Kinjal kill her. Madhu Ben Kinjal ask her why she behave like that so in scaredness Urmi reveal that like Kinjal killed umang so she dont want Kinjal kill her next..

In MM.. Rashi trying to stop Radha but Radha stubborn on her decision that she will shown video to cops or send Gopi jail again. mainwhile Rashi give her leg into Radha leg or Radha phone fallen down frm ups or breaks. Rashi smirks or Radha shocked..

Gopi by folding hands begging Koki for not revealing truth but Koki said no she never did any compormise with her princiles ever.. or she always take side of truth so how now she take side of wrong.. or she decide tell truth to police.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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