Saraswatichandra 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 7th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum crying thinking about Kumud. Danny sees her crying and pacifies her hugging. Sunanda calls Ghuman and taunts her. Ghuman says Kumud’s husband and her family is finding her. Sunanda says they won’t get her. She says forget you have any bahu. Menka hears her talking. Ghuman says how to explain you Kusum, forget that you had any sister. Saras reaches Sundarnagar. Saras asks the shopkeeper about Kumud, he says she had ghungroos in her hand. A man steals his wallet and runs. Saras runs after him to get his wallet which had Kumud’s photo in it. Menka talks to Kabir and says Ghuman is happy as Danny and Saras are not talking, she is flying these days.

She says this is the right time to snatch the land beneath her feet. Kabir says yes, she is overconfident. Menka says we have to be careful, no one should see us together. Jugnu gives money to Sunanda and asks her to free Kumud. Sunanda says you are in real love, I can’t believe that you are paying money for that girl, you will be ruined. Jugnu says fine, I m ready to get ruined for her, I won’t be hurt, but you are not at loss, she will never dance from today. Sunanda says fine, this is only today’s amount, we will see tomorrow. Jugnu is shocked.

Saras follows the thief and asks him to give the wallet. The thief shows him a knife. A man comes in between and the thief runs. Saras scolds the man for interfering as the thief ran away. Saras says that wallet had the photo whom I m searching. The man asks whom are you looking for. Saras says my wife, she is missing. She had ghungroos in her hand. The man identifies Kumud and he was the same transgender who saved Kumud. He says she was looking for Ghuman. Saras says she is my wife and what do you know about her. He tells Saras that few goons were after her and he saved her. He tells him everything and says she went to Chandni Bazaar to find Roopmati. Saras thanks him for saving Kumud.

He says you are lucky and she is also lucky to get a husband like you, you both will meet soon. He says when I met her, I dressed like a kinner, I m Majnu. Saras says Kumud, I m coming to you. Kumud is crying in the room. Kumud gets up and smiles. Saras asks Majnu how can I go Chandni Bazaar. Majnu says I will help you, as you both are real lovers, come with me. Sunanda is happy seeing the jewellery. Jugnu says great. Sunanda says so you got the news that Kumud will be dancing today. Jugnu says yes, everyone are talking about her in the Bazaar that a new girl will dance today.

Jugnu says I have given you my earnings that she should not dance, and you cheated me. Sunanda says what should I do, its very less. Jugnu cries and says I m sorry if you felt bad, but leave that girl. Sunanda says I m sorry, ask for any other girl, not her. Jugnu says I want to marry her, how can I see her dance. Sunanda says what about me, she will make us rich, I can’t lose money because of your love. He says take this money back. She says forget that girl forever, else bring Rs 20 lakhs and take her with you.

Jugnu thinks he will bring Rs. 20 lakhs for Kumud. Sunanda asks Jugnu to leave. She says bring Rs. 20 lakhs else don’t come back. Jugnu leaves. Sunanda smiles.

Sunanda sends a dress for Kumud. Kusum, the dancer takes it for Kumud. Another girl asks Kusum who did she eat by your hands. Kusum says I made her eat becoming her sister. Majnu says Saras that Chandni Bazaar s the hub of dancers. Saras says we will also look for Roopmati, we will get Kumud. They see the thief with the wallet. Saras comes to him and gives him an angry look. He looks at the wallet. He asks him to return it. Majnu says lets go from here. Saras says give me the photo, keep the money. The thief says I can’t give it, what will you do. Saras warns him. The thief says I will hug this photo and keep. Saras beats him and he falls. Saras gets the wallet back.

Danny comes home and says the police did not say anything. Kusum asks about Saras. She says I m worried about him. Danny says fine, I will call him. He calls him and says not reachable, what to do now. He says we will go to your parents house. Ghuman thinks why is Danny worrying for Saras again. Kumud throws the clothes and says I will not wear it. Kusum (dancer) asks her to wear it. Kumud says I will die but not wear this. Kusum says even I did the same, I will help you in getting out from her, but you have to fool them as you lost to them, you will get a chance to run away. She convinces Kumud to wear the clothes. Kumud says but I will not dance. Sunanda comes smiling and looks at Kumud.

Ghuman tells Kabir its right time to hit, as Saras and Kumud are not here, do what I want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Why kumud wants to about guman when she already guman was a dancer?

    1. Why kumud wants to know about guman when she already knew that guman was a dancer?

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