Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi remmeber Raghav reminding her that her 30 day challenge is over. She says what should I do now.
There at chowl Kamla and Raghav are looking fro tai. They run after the men who broyght carpet but they manage to escape. Kamla says we should inform police. Pakiya says I have noticed the number of that truck. Vitthal says lets go to that constable. Pakhi asks Kalpi did she sign the bond ? It says that all the employees are bound for 6 months. Kalpi says no I didn’t sign it. Pakhi says lets go for shopping won’t you buy something for kamla maa ? We just got the first salary.

Scene 2
The kidnapper take gauri to a place. Sahil and Nettu are there. Sahil asks them to get her up. SHe says where am I ? Is anyone here ? Nettu says tell us what did you

tell Kamla about your past ? Sahil says why are you hiding your identity by living in that chowl. Gauri says please leave me I have to go.
Kamla, Vitthal and Pakiya are after the tempo.
Sahil says hit her until she doesn’t speak the truth. The two men start torturing her and she is crying.

Scene 3
Kalpi and Pakhi are in a shop. Pakhi says we will get something for sure. Kalpi starts looking at different things all of them are so expensive. Kalpi sees a watch she says this is for all three of them. Pakhi says I want a watch the most expensive one. Kalpi wonders what to buy for Raghav. She finds a small sculpture. She says this will be perfect fro him. While Pakhi has bought a watch. Raghav calls Pakhi and says I want copy of a file. She says Kalpi must have it. He says she is not in office. Pakhi says we are out for shopping. He says oh is she with you ? Pakhi says yes. He just called Pakhi to find about Kalpi. Kalpi says he should have called me.

Scene 4
Pakiya sees the same tempo standing at a place. They direct the car towards it. Nettu akss Gauri what have you told Kamla ? Why are you living in that chowl instead of your mansion. Gauri says looks like you know me tell me who am I ? Sahil says looks like she has lost her memory. He orders the thugs to kill her.
They take her inside. Sahil and Nettu when on their way back see the police. Vitthal says she must be somewhere close. They start looking for her. Sahil and Nettu are hiding. Nettu says what will happen now ? Sahil says they will kill her by the time police reaches them lets go. They leave.
Cops start going up at the terrace. The two thugs are shoving her down. Police announces that we have surrounded you. Surrender or you will she shot. They start running. Kamla hugs gauri she is crying bad.

Scene 5
Raghav wonders has kalpi planned on leaving the job ? She would never have left office in the work hours. he sees the small sculpture on the table along with a paper. He shows that paper to Sammy. Sammy smiles and so does Raghav. Raghav hugs him and says thanks Sammy she isn’t leaving. She will stay here in front of me.
Pakhi goes in Raghav’s office and gives him that gift. She says open in later its something special. Kalpi is looking at them. Pakhi says to kalpi he’d like it a lot. Raghav takes out the watch. Sammy comes to Pakhi and says Raghav has said thanks but he can’t take your gift. Pakhi says this is not fair I brought it with so much love. Sammy says give it to me I won’t say no. She says very funny. Kalpi comes in and Pakhi tells her. She wonder if he returned her expensive gift he must be making fun of her small gift.
Kamla comes in with gauri. Manda says she has made another mess. She keeps on doing something.
In office, Ramu comes and asks Kalpi that Raghav has called her in. She goes in, Raghav says have a seat. kalpi says all the files are in this drive. She puts it in his laptop she finds her gift decorated on the his table.

PRECAP- Manda says this lady can’t live here. Vitthal says she is my sister. I won’t leave if anyone dare to touch her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi frnds

  2. Gud episode…..happy that rags returns Pataki gift…….I don’t like her……


  4. Today’s ema is all about gauri
    Raghna is 2gether for only 1 min
    This is not fair ,what’s going on is writers mind

  5. Me 2 very happy raghav return pakis gift, but still can’t wait kalpi haven’t say to ragh she loves him

  6. Atlast todays’s episode is good.want to see more of them toghther.good thing he returned Pakhi’s gift.sooo happy to see Pakhi’s face.

  7. But Looks like Kal has not confessed nor clarified her shutting the door part to Raghav.. a heart to heart talk …when will the romance start !!!! this is not done in raghav style 🙂

    1. ya.kalpana has not expressed her love buy her eyes spoke very much!hope writers got up from their sleep after holi episode! writers dont drag too much

  8. wow it was so sweat

  9. todays epi was far far better from last week epi thank god the trend discontinued of giving high hopes on friday & putting them down on mon instead now we can hope more…. I dont think that dere wud be any clarification of y she shut the door they’ll forget it when tym will paas i just hope that dey go on a dinner or outside the office alone….sammy’s plan worked i didnt expect this he is vry cute & i like the way he was flirting wid pakhi ….. 3 chears to sammy the LOVE GURU eagerly waiting 4 tmrw’s epi…..
    🙂 also i liked raghav returned paakhi’s gift totally loved to see her broken……

    1. Hope she tells her dear kamala maa that raghav returned her gift 😀

  10. heart broken*

  11. the best part is kalpi has’nt leave her job & gives him gift……..that is so sweet bt i miss it

  12. Ap like your comment
    So tru
    Hope paki tell kamla ma ragh returned her gift

      1. No poor pakki! It was required !!

  13. Pakhi should come and see that kalpana’s gift sits on Raghav’s table

    1. if she sees it how will she react…

  14. Beautiful episode….he is very sentimental. The way he adorned kalpis gift. That was tooo cute. Its going to get interesting from now on. At leaxt she didnt quit her job. Its so good to see the smile back in both theirs faces…..long live ghe love of raghav and kalpi!

  15. i also want that pakhi shud tell kamla maa that he returned her gift for now i dont want pakhi to know abt raghav and kalpi becoz she is vry stubborn girl & can hurt kalpi for her love….. Pakhi is not daanveer at last more or less she is also a kapoor… & its vry difficult for kalpi to accept raghav’s love becoz a girl who didnt get her whole love of her takes time to accept that there is sum1 who loves only & only her…. But i just want paakhi to misinterpreting things, yes raghav is Mr. AASHIQ not for u but for kalpi

    1. sorry it was i want pakhi to STOP misinterpreting things.*

  16. i also agree wid AP that she is not at all a poor paakhi she has to wake up from her dream & realise the reality that raghav doesnt love her

  17. wow i am happy gud episode

  18. poor paki……that does’nt mean i feel bad for her…… I m soo happy that he has returned her gift & yaaaa AP it was required.. Jst luv todays epi

  19. After exchange baby I stop watching ema ,I try to catchup on rest of epi & I show 1 epi raghav ne kalpi ko pen di woh paki ne leli, if she find out about raghna then
    Paki Is a stubborn girl
    She is also a kapoor’s 2

    1. this is what i think but kamla has taken that pen back from paakhi that pen is now wid kalpi

  20. Anshu can u tell me plz which no of ema epi that kamla took pen back from paki
    I think so I miss that epi

    1. i dont know the exact no. but i can tell u exact story

  21. good night RagNa fans have a sweet dream““““““

  22. hey folks… was a bad day in office reached back late… missed the epi…. all your comments… i want a epi with Kalpi’s confession … Rga and Kal should talk without this hide and seek soon !!!! and me too don’t want paaki to find out about Ragna now…. let ragna get close some more 🙂

    1. Ya.AP i also want Pakhi should not know about RagNA/want more epidodes that they will come close even more and Kalpana express her love for him ,

  23. Ohhhh dats a bit luvly can’t wait 4 tomrrws episode.kalpi N ragv luvvvvv lyn

  24. hope Ragna spends more time together and Pakhi needs to get a clue

  25. mon actually happened was this
    First paakhi said kalpana that she want the pen that raghav had given him kalpi says no to her but she insists there& kamla told kalpi to give pen to paakhi kalpi was hurt but kamla realised that paakhi has done wrong thing so with a bit acting she made paakhi realise that she was wrong in taking sum1 else gift so she returned pen kalpi but give her that pen to paakhi from heart…. nearly month ago when kalpi was going 4 1st paper of last year exams kamla gave her raghav’s pen as best wishes & kalpi was happy….

  26. hi guys hav u com across dis video on youtube titled “SHOCKING TRUTH REVEALED in Zee TV’s Ek Muthi Asmaan”,,,,

    i am not able 2 view d video,,,,can sombody pleas chek it out n lemme knw wats gng on in d video

    1. nothing much… it talks about Gauri;s kidnap and they say kalpi is in delimma and all ragna fans can expect some romantic momemts!!

      1. oh………….
        hmmm oh wel…..i do hop dey dont disappoint us 4 d rest of d week….n i wish n hope dey introduce a mahaepisode of EMA on dis saturday

  27. Thank u anshu
    Goodnight raghna friend
    C ya 2morrow

    1. y r u saying gudnyt… Its gud morning ….. Wats the tym in ur country

  28. hey…..Mon where from u…….here is morning na……..

  29. superb episode …………..

  30. Very nice episode,Mutual emotional feeling of R&K are so touching & deep.First gift Of Lord Ganesha is super,
    symbolizes Blessing of God,I hope writers make Raghav to meet his mother soon,Kalpna will be strong bond in between them. Paki is very superficial her love is water bubble ,I am glad Raghav has returned Paki’s gift.
    Kalpna’s unspoken words are very clear & strong,,Kalpna’s acting is also good match with Raghav’s, who is very good

  31. Anshu & chocopei
    Which city u both from

    1. hey MON i m from (j&k) india

  32. Anshu
    What happen in today’s epi (8april)
    I m not able to watch an read ema update plz can u tell me

  33. Girija/Anhsu someone… What is happening.. Me too stuck in office… pls update !!!

  34. yeah i luv RagNa scenes today…….. i m so happy……….

  35. Again back to square one.kalpana request Raghav to accept Pakhi’s gift.Raghav goes ask pakhi to give the watch and she tied it in his hands.same old Bhakwas.Neetu comes to chawl to know about Gouri and gouri started shouting that woman is bad ask her to go

    1. ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what …. gosh… What the h***!!! I don’t get what CVs are thinking !!!! and what was her reason asking him to accept Pakki’s gift ??!!!! so I can skip tonight’s epi? anything worth watching !!!!??

      1. they started again going back to same old boring.yesterday episode was good but today- i dont thing in near future they will come toghther.you watch 11.30 pm repeat telecast ,tell us here what you feel about.

  36. Thank u
    Oh !! No

  37. Mon AP……raghav has accept her gift bcoz kalpi tells him to accept her gift…

  38. Mon AP……raghav has accept her gift bcoz kalpi tells him to accept her gift…& raghav will throw a party

    1. but it gives Pakhi wrong signal that Raghav feel for her.is it neccessary to drag it for weeks toghther.

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