Saraswatichandra 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 6th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Kusum that did she see Saras. Kumud leaves for the school. Kumud waits for Saras as everyone are getting on the bus. Kumud looks for him, and leaves. Saras comes running and he goes after the bus. The bus leaves, and he follows the bus. Kumud sees him and asks the driver to stop the bus. Sras halts after going some distance, the bus does not stop, and Saras takes a short cut to reach the bus. Kumud looks from the window. Saras is trying to reach her. He comes infront of the bus and the bus stops. Kumud sees him, and gets down the bus. She runs to him, and says you.. where were you, I went to your room, I waited for you.

He says how can I let you go like this, I went to take something for you. She asks what. He says such thing that will keep us together. He gives her a mobile. The women clap for them, and asks her to hurry up. Saras asks her to come closer, and she moves back saying no. Saras smiles and says byes to her. He looks like he will miss her a lot. Kumud waves bye to him. Kumud sees him till the bus goes far. Saras calls her. She picks his call, and they talk. She says its so soon, he says I had to tell you please come back, how will I be without you for so many days. She says I will come in two days.

He says there are many minutes in two days, and many seconds, how will he be without her. She cries with happiness, and sees the letter S on her hand. He says you don’t need to reply, I can hear everything. She smiles. They become silent, and they both smile listening their silence.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Sunny congrats Sunny as the land he chose is final. Vidyachatur says your work will be started soon. He says lets do Bhoomi puja soon, Saras is happy. Saras says I will do this bhoomi pujan with you Kumud.

Scene shifts to Badimaa:

Badimaa says Kumari sit with me, I want to talk to you. Kumari says even I want to talk. Badimaa says I want to tell you about your father. She says no onw knew how he will be, you were very small. She says he did not leave this family, his house has forgotten him, and it will be good if you also forget him. She says she wanted to save Kumari’s childhood from him. She hopes that Kumari understands her. Kumari says today I..

Ghuman interrupts, as she was hearing everything. Ghuman asks Kumari some work, and makes an excuse to take her with her. Kumari goes with her, discontinuing the talk with Badimaa.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras tries to talk to Kumud again, but he does not get the network. Sunny comes to Saras and asks what he is doing. Saras tells I have to call an important client, Sunny asks shall I guess the client, its Ms. Kumud Desai. Sunny says even I do this to call Ayesha. Sunny asks him to go to the corner. Saras calls her sitting there. He says he is risking his life to talk to her, and she is not picking the call. (Sweet!!)

Saras gets a call, he thinks its Kumud, and he starts talking. Danny talks to him, and congrats him. He says sorry for not calling you as Ghuman asked him not to call him. He says your life is happening as you started laughing. Danny says I met with an accident, and I am preparing for the car race. Saras says when will you grow up. Danny says you did not call me, there is some magic in Ms. Kumud. Saras says tell her bhabhi, our marriage date is fixed. Danny says I m booking my ticket, tell it to bhabhi. Saras smiles.

Sunny asks did you talk to her, he says yes, after a long time. Sunny says she went today. Saras tells I was talking to Danny, and he is booking his ticket.

Ghuman tells Kumari what were you going to do, if Badimaa knows that you met him, she will not you meet him again. Kumari asks how do you know about it, Ghuman says I came after you to meet your boyfriend. She says Badimaa is not doing right, she is strange. She says she could make her husband hers, it is like she was looking for a excuse to separate from him, but she has done injustice to you. Ghuman says you have to act smart, else you will lose your boyfriend too.
Ghuman says Badimaa wants to keep you with her. Kumari cries. Ghuman pacifies her and asks her to sit. She says don’t lose hope, I m with you, do as I say. You will get your dad and your love. This is Ghuman’s promise. Kumari hugs her.

Saras sees Kumud and asks why Kumud is doing like this, Kusum tells Kumud is not here, she went on the picnic.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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