Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th June 2013 Written Update


In the morning kanhaiya wakes up and looks at the watch and gets surprised that sona herself woke up whole night but didn’t called him.Sona comes and kanhaiya asks her the same.Sona smiles and says that kanhaiya slept at 2 pm and she always wakes up at 5 so it was not needed for her to wake up kanhaiya and also he was looking cute while sleeping.Kanhaiya smiles and says that the way sona takes care of him I mean everyone and then kanhaiya stops and both smiles.Kanhaiya asks for mummyji’s health and sona tells him that sunaina peacefully slept whole night. sona goes to take black peppar tea for mummyji. Sunaiya wakes up and feels happy that kanhaiya took care of her whole night and starts thanking kanhaiya . neeham comes and asks

for sunaina’s health. sunaina again starts praising kanhaiya and bindiya comes. sunaina thanked kanhaiya when sona comes with tea and kanhaiya tells sunaina that he slept whole night and it was sona who took care of her and kanhaiya asks sunaina to thank sona. Sona moves towards sunaina to give her tea when bindiya intensionally bumps into sona and sona’s hand gets burnt and bindiya says a sorry. kanhaiya sees sona’s hand and gets worried and takes her to their room.Sunaina thinks to herself that she did everything so that she can get the reason to badmouth sona but she failed and now she needs to have a new plan. Kanhaiya applies skinburn cream on her hand and says to sona that if something happens to her than only he suffers because he loves her so much. sona sees how kanhaiya is worried for her and tum ho plays. bindiya and renu decides to play a very big game now against sona such that even sona will fail to find the solution to the problem

Sonaiya comes to the hall and kanhaiya asks sunaina as to why she came to the hall when she is not well. just then a lady inspector comes with constables and kanhaiya gets happy, greets her and asks the reason of her arival. inspector says that she was forced to come at his place as sunaina devi is charged with torturing her daughter-in-laws and the comlaint is filed by his wife sona chaturvedi. sona is shocked and kanhaiya smiles and says that this can’t happen.When inspector says that a call from chaturvedi house was been done to the police station then kanhaiya’s smile fades and sona comes forward and says that it is wrong and she has not made any call and it must be some misunderstanding. inspector asks sona not to have a fear of sunaina and say it openly and sona says that she can never ever think of filing a case against her mummyji as she is happy in the house and her mother-in- law loves her. sunaina asks to sona if she made a complaint and inspector says that sunaina is talking badly to sona which makes it clear as how she tortures her bahus. kanhaiya gets angry and shouts that even other bahus live in the house and they are being respected and treated well and yopu say that here the bahus are tortured. uddham says that he is a army man and kanhaiya is an inspector so can people with such duties do something like this.Inspector says that it is not a misunderstanding and in this house the bahus are threatened and kanhaiya says that he will talk to the senior inspector.the inspector says that he can take actions but can’t stop sunaina from takng her to lockup and asks the constable to apply the lockring. sona stops her and says that her mummyji is innocent and she herself was a reportyer and if something happened to her then she would have been the first to come to police station. the inspector says that she can’t help it out because of the complaint and takes sunaina away and sunaina cries badly and blames sona for everything. sona too cries. kanhaiya gets busy in calling his senior officers. kanhaiya reaches his senior officers office and says that his mother is innocent and asks him to do something. inspector assures kanhaiya and asks him to calm down and think that the case is very big of torturing a bahu and if media gets to know of it and the case will be more complicated. kanhaiya says that he knows some lawyers who can help him out and is worried.Episode ends.

PRECAP Govardhan says that surely sona had made the call and got mummy arrested. sona feels bad. bindiya and renu starts saying bad and uddham says that he is going to police station. sona says that she will also coma with him and bindiya asks sona as why she is going to police station when she herself made sunaina go to lockup. sona cries and feels bad….…

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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