Saraswatichandra 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pannaben being angry and stopping Guniyal from doing the tilak to Mohan. She throws the aarti plate and everyone are shocked. Pannaben says enough, stop this drama. She says now I know why you were in hurry for this marriage, you wanted your daughter to get married before we can see her stains. Vidyachatur says what are you saying. Pannaben praises her and her son and says are you not ashamed to cheat us. Kalika smiles. Danny talks to Kusum in her room saying I came to take you, I know you don’t want to get married. Kusum says if Vidyachatur sees you, he won’t forgive you. Danny says I won’t leave without you. Pannaben says I have seen everything by my eyes, I brought the proof with me.

Everyone look at each other. Pannaben asks Mohan to show

them this CD. Mohan says mum, what…. She says do as I say. Mohan plays the CD. Everyone see the video. Its how Kusum was kidnapped and the goons misbehaved with her. The family did not knew about this kidnapping. Kalika thinks I did not send them this, then who has sent this video, is it Pramad who have sent this. Vidyachatur and Guniyal are shocked to see the video. Vidyachatur says its a lie. Pannaben taunts them and says we won’t accept Kusum now. Kumud says Kusum is pure, Saras brought her home safely.

Vidyachatur looks at Kumud and asks did you know this. Danny holds Kusum and says come with me, we will go. Kusum says this is a marriage, not a game, leave my hand and go from here. Vidyachatur asks when did this happen, and why did you not tell me. Kumud says I wanted to tell you but Kusum stopped me. She says Saras brought her home. Pannaben says Saras, with whom Kumud ran away form her in laws house. She says your family is stained, and this relation has broken now. Vidyachatur is hurt and says what are you saying. Pannaben says this marriage cannot happen now. Everyone are shocked.

Pramad stops Pannaben and says one min. He says they have not cheated you, the one who has sent you this video has cheated you, whatever you saw is not true. No one touched Kusum. Pannaben says how can you say this. Pramad says because I have sent those goons. Everyone are shocked and looks at Pramad. Pramad says I wanted to take revenge from Kumud but the goons kidnapped Kusum by mistake. Vidyachatur slaps Pramad.

He says first my Kumud, and now my Kusum. Pramad says I know Kaka that I have such things for which you can never forgive me but I m regretting now. He says Pannaben, I m saying this because I was behind it, nothing happened with Kusum, I request you not to break this relation. Pannaben says lets go Mohan, we can’t trust anyone. Vidyachatur tries to stop them and requests them not to go, saying no one will trust us if this baraat goes like this. He takes out his Pagdi and sits in their feet begging them to accept Kusum. Kumud goes to him and makes him wear the Pagdi and says no dad, get up. He cries infront of them.

Kumud says Pannaben, before pointing at Kusum, think once, if anyone does this with you, how would you feel. Kumud says do you want to insult us, if you had any doubt, you would have spoke to us, who did this with us, even he is in our house, with us, this is not our family’s stain, but our humanity. Even after our insult, I m folding my hands and talking to you, these are our values which we got from our dad. Mohan says mum, Kumud is right and its not Kusum’s mistake in this.

He says I would like to talk to Kusum once before taking any decision. He says can I meet her. Vidyachatur says sure, come with me. Everyone go to Kusum’s room. Kalika says great, my stars are shining, I did not have anything to do.

Everyone come to Kusum’s room and are shocked to see Saras sitting beside Kusum. Pannaben says see Kumud’s lover with Kusum, enough. Saras says you are misunderstanding. Pannaben says now I m sure about this. She says Mohan, is there anything to talk now. Everyone looks on. Saras tries to explain but they leave. Yash’s mum asks why did you come to Kusum’s room. Danny says he came for me. Vidyachatur says I asked you not to come, but you came here. Danny says yes, to explain Kusum not to do this marriage. Vidyachatur slaps Danny.

Saras holds Danny. Vidyachatur takes Danny out of the house and says this is the reason I asked Danny not to come here. Saras apologizes. Yash’s mum says how many times, its only because of Vyas family that baraat’s left thrice from this house, first your dad left Badimaa, then you left Kumud and now because of Danny, you are bad omen for our daughters. Danny and Saras looks on. Saras folds his hands and says we will leave. He takes Danny with him and leaves. Kumud and Kusum looks at them. Danny turns to see Kusum. Kalika smiles.

Kumud goes after Kusum and asks where are you going. Kusum says let me go, the women’s fate is like this, we can’t be happy, even my fate is like you. Kusum cries and says even I will have one Pramad. Kumud says take your words back, it won’t happen with you. Saras brings Danny home and says enough, why did you go there. Danny says Kusum needs me. Saras says try to understand, Kusum does not love me. Danny says but she will marry me, whatever she says, I love her. Saras tries to stop him but he leaves.

Kumud comes to Saras. Saras is already in tension and she comes to give him more shocks. Saras says sorry Kumud, I did not know Danny would come there. Kumud says this would have happened even if he did not come, Pannaben got a MMS about Kusum’s kidnapping where the goons tried to misbehave with Kusum. Saras says I was there, don’t worry I will explain them that nothing happened. Kumud says now will her fate change. Saras says if you break down this this, what will happen with Kusum. Kumud says I love Kusum a lot, if anything happens to her, I can’t bear it. Kumud says help me Saras. He says tell me, I can do anything for you. Kumud says marry Kusum. Saras is shocked.

Saras says what did you say? Look at me and say. Kumud turns. Saras holds her and says look at me and say. Kumud says marry Kusum. Saras looks at her.

Kumud comes to Kusum. Kusum says who will marry me now. Kumud says with whom you want to get married. Kumud smiles crying.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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