Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi remembers kamla forcing her that she’ll give the apologizing letter tomorrow. Vitthal comes to her and she hugs him. She says baba when you brought me the laptop I felt like one of the biggest dreams of my life has fulfilled. In boarding so many girls had the laptop and in college as well I also wanted one. I knew we couldn’t afford one but you brought me. Tell me can i miss use it? Vitthal says I know you can’t do anything wrong. Kalpi says you trust me so much why not Ai? Vitthal says she trusts you but she just wants our dreams to be fulfilled. Kalpi says should I apologize ? Vitthal says let me show you some thing. He shows her the toy car. Kalpi says do you still have it ? Vitthal says you loved it, It was Pakiya’s. He tells her how to move it.

First force it backward the it will run by own. Vitthal says sometimes you have to take two steps backwards in order to fly more. God will make everything all right. Kalpi says all right I will give this letter then no one can stop me from flying. I will do what Ai want, just for you baba. Vitthal touches her face with adore and Kamla is looking at all this.

Scene 2
There Paki is so disappointed over what her family did. She says i won’t let them win. She says don’t worry kamla maa kalpi will get the justice. Its my promise to you.

Scene 3
Kalpi is writing the apologize letter and Vitthal is look at her. Kamla says what is this i made the breakfast and nobody ate it. Kamla says lets eat it together. Vitthal says that’s all right. He asks kalpi to call pakiya. Kamla looks at the letter in tears. Vitthal asks Kamla where did she go ? She says i went to make the last attempt to save my daughter. Do you trust me ? Vitthal says i know. Who else will save your dream if not you. God will make everything all right. She will understand what you’ve done for her. Pakiya says I am so hungry lets eat the breakfast. Kalpi says yes the taste must be so good we are together after a long time ai must be happy that I have written the letter.

Scene 4
Kalpi is sitting with kamla in the principle’s office. Paki comes in and says i wanna confess something. I stole those papers not kalpi. Principle says yesterday you said something else. Paki says i was afraid yesterday. When kalpi was in cafe i took her laptop. I used it to hack the server. She says i should be punished for it not kalpi. Principle says its such a good thing that you said the truth. I close this matter right here and i warn you not to do this again. Kalpi says how is this the justice that you were rusticating me out of this college and now you are forgiving her just because she is Kapoor’s daughter. i will go to media if you don’t punish her. He says all right write a written application. She says i will submit it tomorrow start getting paki out of the college.
Kalpo stops kalpi in the corridor. Kalpi says i won’t back off. I am late for the class i will talk to you when i get back. Kamla says to paki why you did this ? Paki says it doesn’t matter if i miss a year. But if kalpi gets punished your dreams will shatter. Kamla hugs her.

Scene 5
Nettu says to prem that kamla is doing this so long. i fear she could not have said to kalpi. Prem says i don’t care. Think about the good that happened last year. Prem says raghav has to come in front of me. Nettu says now you are going to be fooled if you keep thinking like this. Prem says he didn’t make me fool last night but gave me a challenge. I will give him a tough time.

Scene 6
Kalpi asks kamla to sign the written complain against paki. kamla says i won’t complain against paki. Vitthal says sign it if she wants. Kamla says paki did a mistake and confessed. Kalpi says i won’t move forward until paki doesn’t get punished. Kamal says i won’t sign this kalpi because i know paki has made no mistake. Kalpi says once again you chose paki over me. She tears the letter and throws it away.

PRECAP-Kamla says to nettu that i am here just because of paki. You must have done something good that you got a daughter like paki. She took the blame of her brother over her. the day paki get married will be my last day in this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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