Saraswatichandra 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka’s and Kabir’s haldi going on. Everyone smile looking at them. Anushka sees Rohit and worries. He applies haldi to her face. Everyone apply haldi one by one. Kabir says if its over, can I go to have a bath. Badimaa says yes go. Saras says our ritual is still pending. Kabir asks what. He gets tensed. Saras says don’t worry, it happened with me too. He tears Kabir’s Kurta and everyone laugh. Danny and Yash also join Saras. Kabir runs and they tries to catch him. Rohit gets a call and looks at Anushka. Saras sees everyone laughing and smiles. Badimaa asks him what is he thinking. He says I m glad seeing everyone so happy.

He says but don’t know why, I m scared. She says even I m feeling strange, for what happened with you and Kumud, we did not forget it, but trust Lord, nothing will happen now. She asks him to go and get the sweets from shop. He says fine, I have work in factory, I will get it when I return. Badimaa wishes no one’s bad sight catches her happy home. Saras goes to the factory. Everyone is doing arrangements. A big crane is shown. Guniyal asks Vidyachatur what is he doing, do some work. He sees the crane coming and asks Rohit whats this. Rohit says I will come. Danny comes and asks whats this. Rohit says you did all arrangements, I want to do something special for my sister.

Danny says what with crane. Rohit says see this Jarokha, when Anushka comes, we will make her stand in this and drop her in the mandap. Danny and Vidyachatur like the unique idea. Badimaa worries. Kumud sees the crane and looks at Badimaa. She asks her what happened. Badimaa says don’t know, I m not feeling good. Kumud says you are worried what Rohit said, its fashion to do something new in marriages, don’t worry. She goes. Rohit asks the crane man to do as he said.

Saras calls Kumud and she asks why did he go to factory today. He says I have work, I m missing you. Its our first wedding anniversary and I want you to be infront of my eyes. She says come soon. Saras says coming and leaves for home. Rohit asks the crane man to do as he told him. Vidyachatur welcomes the guests happily. Saras comes home. He asks Saras to get ready. Saras asks Danny to get sweets from car and asks about crane. Danny says its Rohit’s idea, and tells him about Anushka’s grand entry. HE says its good idea, and happening for first time in village.

Saras feels its strange. He goes to change. Vidyachatur asks Guniyal not to stop him from having sweets and jokes. Rohit calls someone and says the work is done. Danny and Yash take the sweets. Danny sees Rohit and says Rohit…. What are you doing here. Rohit says I was checking is there any problem. Danny says great, come soon. Saras gets dressed in a blue suit and watch gifted by Kumud. . She comes and says you messed the room. He says clean room does not look good, its marriage in home. She says I don’t like messed up room. He asks how is he looking. She says very good. He says you too.

Kabir sits in the mandap and waits for Anushka. Vidyachatur asks Yash to go out and see the table arrangements. Anushka comes dressed in her bridal clothes. Vidyachatur and Guniyal say she is looking very pretty, come in the mandap now. Saras smiles and blesses her with his hand on her head. She looks at Rohit. Saras says come, lets go. Rohit says no, this way, come. Saras says ok, come. They take Anushka to the Jarokha(Cradle). Saras and Kumud look at the crane. Anushka gets worried.

Rohit says I forgot to tell you, Anushka wants Kumud to make first entry, as its her anniversary. Kumud asks Anushka shall I, if she wants, then I will go. Rohit asks Saras to go to the mandap and wait. Kumud sits in the Jarokha and Saras looks at her. Rohit looks on angrily with an evil face and shows thumbs up to the crane man. Kumud smiles as the Jarokha gets high in air. Saras stops them and says bring it down, I need to talk to my wife. Kumud asks why. Saras says Kaka told me something, its important, come. He stands in the Jarokha and says this time I will come to you, I love you, you look great. He stands smiling and the crane man pulls the rope cutting it.

The crane mane cuts the rope. Saras falls in the Jarokha from much height. Everyone is shocked. Kumud and Badimaa shout Saras. (My heart sinking to see this, nooooooooooooo, it will be hard to write tomorrow’s update!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I will not watch this show ……… I m so sad

  2. Plz gautam come back I can’t watch saraswatichandra without saras

  3. No one lik sc wthout saras

  4. Yaar aur serials bhi to hai jinki jodiyaa kitni acchi h saras kumud ko sath nahi deksakta writr kyaaaa

  5. Meri fav jodi thi p/lz gauam don’t leav d show

  6. A similar cradle had cut open in Hyderabad few months bak killing a guest nd d bride.. Saras not u ya .. Pls.. Wats dis ..! Either end the show..

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