Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shikha hears Madhu shooting a bullet and worriedly asks why did she shoot bullet. She says she shot bullet on her dad Avinash. Shikha is petrified to hear that. She says bullet did not hit him though and asks her not to cut the call next time else, she will shoot him for sure. Madhu agrees. She sees god’s idol and asks why she did not stop problem approaching her, why her son is getting away from her, why her family’s life is at risk. She says she will tell her truth to everyone as she does not have any other option. She prays god to show her a miracle.

Neeraj enters Avinash’s house and sees family kept hostage by Madhu on gun point. Samaira/Shikha gets into the hotel inauguration function and host requests Samaira and Aditya to cut the ribbon. Madhu sees Neeraj in a mirror.

Neeraj tries to catch Madhu, but she escapes and shoots his shoulder. Shikha is petrified hearing that. Madhu says she warned her not to inform anyone, but why did she inform Neeraj. Neeraj says he himself came. Madhu says he is lying and asks him to go and sit on sofa, else she will kill him with Avinash’s family.

Aditya sees Samaira standing still without cutting the ribbon, and takes her with him and cuts ribbon while everyone clap. She reminisces Madhu’s warning to inform about her truth to everyone, else she will kill her whole family. She gets up and says guests that she wants to confess something about her. Madhu says she will realize today that enemity with her is very costl. Neeraj throws vase on her hand, gun falls, but she picks it again. Madhu says he troubled her a lot, now she will finish him. She shoots a bullet, but Vineet comes in between and bullet hits him. Sudha shouts Vineet. Samaira hears that and runs from there stunning everyone. Vineet falls on the ground. Madhu asks everyone not to move, else she will kill Vineet. They don’t listen to her and take Vineet in their lap. Avinash asks Neeraj to call ambulance. Neeraj senses opportunity and hits Madhu’s head with a vase making her fall on the ground unconsciously.

Samaira rushes to her parent’s house in her car, but her car stops. Vineet requests his parents to call Shikha before he dies. Neeraj says he has called ambulance. Shikha reaches home somehow and is petrified seeing Vineet dying. She cries vigorously and says she will take him to hospital. Vineet requests her to tie rakhi. She gets rakhi and ties it on Vineet’s hand. Vineets looks at it happily and then dies leaving whole family stunned. Police comes there. Neeraj drags Shikha with him inside while she cries for her brother. Maina…. music plays in the background. Police rings door bell and gets in. Avinash shows Madhu and says this lady killed my son. Inspector takes gun from the spot. Inspector takes Vineet’s body for postmortem while the whole family requests not to take him.

Precap: Shikha slaps Neeraj for coming there without informing her and alleges him for Vineet’s murder. She asks him to get out.

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