Saraswatichandra 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kumud’s house:

Kumud talks to her mother. She says she wants to end this soon and they have to face the truth. She says she has to save Saras. Whatever he is doing is for their family. He is doing the prayaschit and bearing the pain. Her mother says that till yesterday you were also knowing that he is innocent, then why today you are saying all this. Is there any inclination towards him? She says she was doing his help as humanity. Kumud says No. She is not favouring him. She is doing for humanity only. She says she knew he was innocent but today she came to know that whose sin he is taking onto himself. She says It is Yash who was driving the car that day and who had hit Ilaben and the cow. Kumud’s mother is shocked to hear this.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Ilaben’s mother-in-law talks to Saras. She says that without doing any sin, if we punich you to go to hell, then our Lord will make our lives hell. She leaves. Saras is silent.

The scene shifts back to Kumud’s house:

Kumud says that it is hard to save Yash but the truth is Yash has done the mistake. To save him, can we see someone innocent to bear the punishment, can we bear the burden whole life? Kumud’s mother says Yes, because Vidyachatur has promised Badi Bhabhi. Kumud asks what promise. Kumud goes to Yash’s mother and talks to her. She asks her who hit the cow. Badi bhabhi says Vidyachatur that she has told him beforehand that do not give Kumud so much freedom. Kumud argues with her a lot. Vidyachatur hears all this silently. Badimaa, Kumud’s mother, Chandrika stand there and hear.
Kumud says Badi bhabhi has made Vidyachatur helpless that is why he is not able to say anything. Vidyachatur calls Kumud to stop her.
Kumud then patiently asks her about Yash. What Yash was saying to her that morning when the accident happened?

Kumud tries to ask her again and again. She says if you trust Yash has not done anything, then why are you worried. Kumud faces her boldly and asks her what Yash has told her. If Yash is innocent, then why did you take promise from him. Kumud pleads for Saras and says Vidyachatur is unable to do anything for Saras. Kumud cries and asks Badi bhabhi to stop all this.

Badi Kaaki(Yash’s mother) says Vidyachatur to stop Kumud from saying this. Kumud says that Saras has taken the blame on himself only to stop Yash from taking your false’s oath. Everyone are shocked to hear this. Badimaa recollects that how Saras has stopped Yash.

Kumud asks her again. Badi Kaaki is silent. Kumud says if you do not say anything, I’ll find out the truth myself. Badi Kaaki reminds her that Vidyachatur has made a promise to him. Vidyachatur says her that he has promised her, not his daughter. Vidyachatur says Kumud to go for Saras and take his responsibility. Kumud smiles with happiness. Vidyachatur is also happy and he too smiles. Yash’s mother gets tensed.

The scene shifts to Laxminandan’s house:
Ghuman’s didi calls the police and informs about the Gau Hatya, so that Saras gets arrested. Ghuman comes there and hears this. Ghuman gets annoyed and asks why did she called. Ghuman acts as if she will support Saras. Then she laughs off and they both cheers and breaks the glasses.

Kumud goes to search Yash to his friend’s house. She hears his friend talking to him. She hides and hears their conversation. She follows him to reach Yash. Yash says his friend to help him out. Kumud goes there.

The scene at Kumud’s house:

Saras comes to Kumud’s house. Badimaa opens the door and cries while seeing him. Badimaa says sorry to him and she came under Ghuman’s influence. He greets her well with respect and touches her feet.

Kumud confronts Yash, saying that Yash is her brother and because of him, someone innocent has to face the punishment. Yash runs away. She stops his friend and asks him what happened that day.

Vidyachatur and Kumud’s mother welcomes Saras. He greets them well. Vidyachatur hugs him. Saras tells he wants some help with Vidyachatur.

The scene shifts to Laxminandan’s house:

Ghuman says Didi that the friendship which Laxminandan wants to change to a relation, she will turn it into hatred, and Saras will be influenced in the hatred. Ghuman says she will go to Ratnagiri.

Kumud thinks if the truth comes in front of other, then Yash has to face a big punishment. What should she do now.

Kumud comes home. She sees crowd outside her home. She sees a new cow with Ilaben. Everyone are happy. She looks at Saras. Ilaben thanks Saras. The Pandit says that now they will forgive Saras and Vidyachatur’s family. Kumud gets very happy with others. Ilaben says Saras that your prayaschit is complete now. Kusum asks to congratulate Saras. Kumud and Saras talk heart to heart. Kumud says you did a very big favour, and how will I repay you. Saras says I hope you have forgiven me.

Ghuman says there is one war but two targets Saras and Kumud. Ghuman is shown dancing crazily.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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