Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rashi coming downstairs and talking about not telling about it to anyone. Gopi calls her and asks where she’s going as Meera’s going to get pieced today.Rashi says she will be back by then and kisses her. Gopi is glad.Rashi arrives to the jewellery store but Urmila stops her and tells she called her.Rashi says she has stopped her many times but why can’t she understand.Urmila says her to shut up and takes her from there.Urmila makes something with Aata and asks what it is . Urmila asks what it is and Rashi replies it’s Aata .Urmila says Kokila but Rashi says it doesn’t look like . Urmila makes 5 different people from Aata and name them.Urmila says to understand properly and till she got married she’s alone and Kokila’s all love is for Gopi and not .

All the times Kokila has shown her low and taunted her so many times. And has praised Gopi all the time.Rashi says she’s right and they didn’t even tell her about her suicide attempt . They don’t even care about others specially not about them two. Urmila says not to worry as she’s there . Rashi says what ever she did wasn’t correct too and there wasn’t any need to know about the sex.Urmila says she knows she was wrong but her intention wasn’t wrong.Urmila again makes Ahem , Kinjal and Jigar from Aata and tells that Ahem and Jigar lives happily in a huge house unlike Kinjal just because they are boys . And she don’t make any difference in girls and boys but its Kokila so she was scared about Rashi’s unborn child . Rashi tells that Gopi also got a girl.Urmila tells Kokila is with her and that’s why she wants to save her.Rashi apologizes for misunderstanding her.

Urmila says whatever has happened but we have start something new so that even if she get girls Kokila behave well with them.Rashi is concerned and tells about her fears.Urmila says she don’t have to worry as they are winning and since Kokila came to know about the truth she’s not talking to Gopi also. Rashi says it will be fine soon.Urmila says they will not let it happen.And when mother and daughter are together..Here Rashi is talking to Urmi that she is going to do it . Gopi is talking to Meera about Rashi will also come . Rashi overhears it and is happy. Rashi comes inside and tells she’s having headache and go downstairs to get medicine from doctors assistant..And she will stay with Meera .Gopi goes to get medicine.Rashi calls Urmila and tells that the work is done.Urmila on the other side tells its time to get scolded for Gopi. Gopi here sees a lady from back and thinks as if it is nurse.Rashi tells Meethi that she wants to have nimbu pani and to take care of Meera till she makes it. Rashi notices that it is 4 oclock and is happy.Kokila tells that during Kinjal’s ear piecing she was scared. Hetal tells Gopi too is scared and she’s not showing off . Door bell rings and Kokila welcomes the man who does ear piecing .Gopi is following the lady and notices her as Urmila. Kokila is asking for Gopi but Meethi replies saying that Rashi told she went out. And Rashi is feeling weak so she went to make nimbu pani for herself . Hetal paniks and Kokila says she will see the matter.
Here Kokila asks Rashi about her health and she tells she’s feeling weak. Kokila says it happens and she asks about Kokila. Gopi says she should go before Kokila sees her . but the lady is someone else. Gopi tells that she looks so alike like Urmila.Kokila asks Rashi about the medicine.
Gopi gets late in returning home and by then Meera’s piercing is done. When she returns, Kokila tells Gopi, you knew very well piercing guy is coming at 4 and you still got late. Gopi says, she went to get medince. Komila says, and then you saw your “lovely” mami. Gopi is stunned. Komila says, so now you’re seeing your mami secretly. Gopi says, she didn’t meet mami. Komila says, you’re lying.. I saw you talking with your mami in backyard. Meera needed you and you should have been here, but instead you were gossiping with your mami. Gopi says, it’s not like that.. I went to get medicine for Rahi. Komila asks for medicine and episode ends on Gopi’s shocked face.

Rashi is on phone telling why Gopi has to listen to everything when it is Urmila’s fault but who will make Kokila understand it but wish if Ahem do it . Ahem overhears the conversation is shocked


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