Saraswatichandra 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras telling the inspector that Kumud is missing. The inspector laughs on Kumud’s divorce with Pramad and marriage with Saras. The inspector asks did you had any fight with her. Saras says no, she went to a friend’s mahendi function. The inspector asks does she have any affair. Saras gets angry. The inspector says people make their wife disappear and come to act here. Danny scolds the inspector. The inspector fumes and tells Danny he will see him in drugs case again. Saras says I will talk to SP. Kabir calms them down and asks the inspector to write the report.

A maid brings food for Kumud and is shocked to see the room empty. She runs to Sunanda. Kumud is still behind the door and runs. Sunanda comes to the room and see the window broken. Sunanda asks the man to stop Kumud from going out of Chandni Bazaar. Kumud runs and comes on the road. She thinks where to go and simply runs. She falls and gets up to run again. A car comes and Kumud runs away from it. Sunanda’s goons catch her again. Kumud cries and shouts for help. Sunanda says no one can go out without my permission. Sunanda says we will ddrop you home. Kumud shots for help but no one hears her.

Saras asks everyone to go home and he will try to find out with the taxi man. Danny looks at Saras and wants to go to him. He then leaves with Kabir and Kusum. Kabir comes home and sees everyone tensed. Kabir tells them that Kumud is nowhere in Ratnagiri. Guniyal cries. Kabir says don’t worry, we will find her soon. He says I promise I will bring your daughter safely back. Kalika is happy that her prayers are working and she should get any bad news about Kumud. Danny is tensed at home. He thinks about Kumud and cries. Kusum comes to him and sees him upset. He says sorry Kusum, I m worried about Kumud. She tried to explain me and I did not listen her. He says where will she be, if anything happens to her then…. Kusum says nothing will happen, she will come back.

Saras meets the taxi man and he says I could not find out anything. Saras says I went to police station also. He says I will find soon. Saras says I will wait here till that taxi comes, I can’t go home till I find Kumud. Saras sits there alone. O piya…………plays………………… Saras imagines Kumud going and he running after her. Saras shouts Kumud………. The man runs to him and asks are you fine. Saras says yes I m fine. Sunanda comes to Kumud with the food. She asks Kumud to have food and stop crying. Kumud cries. Sunanda leaves locking the door. Ghuman calls Sunanda and Sunanda tells her that Kumud ran away but she brought her back.

Ghuman asks what do you want. Sunanda says I won’t leave her. Ghuman ends the call. Kumud cries looking at the food and thinks of Saras and his love. A taxi comes and Saras is sad that no one knows about Kumud. Everyone pray for Kumud. Vidyachatur says think about Saras, what is he going through. He asks Guniyal to take care of Saras. Vidyachatur and Guniyal come to meet Saras. Guniyal asks where is Saras. Kusum says he did not come home till now. Saras comes and is tired. They make him sit and Kusum goes to bring water.

Saras says I did not get her anywhere, don’t know where she went. Guniyal asks what is your heart saying, my heart says we will get out Kumud. She says she will come back for you. Danny leaves upset. Ghuman thinks everyone feels death can’t separate you, but this time this problem is bigger than death.

Sunanda says beauty lies in a woman, not in clothes and jewellery. She asks Kumud to get ready as she does not have any option. Kumud says I have one way out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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