Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi is cleaning all the flour. Pakiya asks whats wrong now tell me ? You are so concerned about your phone ? Are you waiting for some call ? She says yeah an office friend’s call. Kamla comes and asks why Pakiya went out ? Did you both fight again. Vitthal asks Kalpi to make juice. Kamla gives kalpi parsad. She takes it from left hand. Kamla asks where is your mind. Kalpi is mixing salt instead of sugar. Kamla asks whats wrong with you. Vitthal tells Kalpi that he saw nettu there. He felt like she has lost her way to home. Kalp says yeah she called and was asking about Ai. Kalpi’s phone rings she receive it and when she finds out that its not raghav. She says I don’t need any credit card why are you disturbing me. Kamla says what way is that to talk ? Gauri says she is right they are disturbing her. Kamla says this is rong way to talk still. Its their work.

Scene 2
Raghav is swiming. He comes out to take his juice and checks his phone. Sammy comes as well. Raghav says its not good to hurt someone. She must be feeling bad. Sammy says please don’t ruin the plan. Raghav says I can’t act like teenagers. Sammy says but Kalpi is young she must be dying to talk to you.
In the home Kamla asks Kalpi who hurt her ? Kalpi says leave it you scold at me first then ask me what wrong ? Kalpi leaves. Kamla says she had a quarrel.
Sammy says you know she must be walking here and there. Raghav says yeah she must be looking at the phone. Kalpi says why are you doing this Sir.
Raghav says she must not be focused on anything. She must be looking at the phone and would be angry. Sammy says yes let it rise and she won;t be able to sleep tnight. he Kalpi you gonna meet tomorrow will be a different one.

Scene 3
Vitthal brings an English newspapers. Kalpi is getting ready. SHe looks so desperate to go to the office.Kamla wonders why is she getting ready like that. Kamla asks what is this all for ? Is there some function ? Kalpi says am I over dressed ? Vitthal says no you look perfect. Kamla goves her lunch box.
Pakhi while getting ready recalls when she met Raghav at the spots complex and the breakfast they had. She says what a day it was. I hope all days become like that. She gets a call. Its Kamla. She says hi Kamla maa I love you. Kamla says why you woke up so early ? Pakhi says love is like that. I am in love. Yesterday’s sunday was the best sunday. I was with Raghav whole morning. He was with me whole night as well. Kamla says what ? SHe says in my dreams. Kamla says you give a lot of tension. Kamla sayss kalpi is acting different these days. Pakhi says there are no happenings in her life she is so boring. Kamla says no she woke up so early today and got ready like there is something special. Pakhi says has she fallen in love with someone ? I will investigate.

Scene 3
Kalpi comes to the office. Sammy and Raghav are on the way. Sammy says she must have arrived and would be waiting for you. Kalpi asks ramu hasn’t raghav come ? He says no. Raghav and Sammy come in the office. Sammy asks Ramu is anyone here ? He says yes Kalpana is here. Sammy says look did you see the magic of ignorance. Kalpi comes there. Sammy says do as i say. Ignore her. Raghav says what if she gets angry ? Sammy says think about your heart. I won’t give anymore advices if you don’t listen to me. Kalpi says good morning. Sammy says you look different today anything special ? Raghav says why you came earlier ? Its the last day of this month that means your 30th day here. Your challenge has completed ? What have you do decided ? Do you wanna stay here or not ? Whatever you decide will be acceptable. I want you to work here but its up to you. Let me know if you wanna work here or not. Kalpana is totally dazed at his cold way. He goes closer to her but sammy stops him and says Raghav we have to attend a conference call. Kalpana turns on the other side and Raghav on the other.

PRECAP-A van comes in the chowl. Two men get out and go upstairs to Kamla’s house. They see Gauri and try to kidnap her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Tomorrow ema epi
    Raghav will ignor kalpi & will talk to pooki other side pooki already thinking raghav loves her
    Kamla home some goons will take gauri away
    So wait till Monday or till writer makeup his mind for keeping raghna sath
    Need to sleep
    Good night

  2. I can feel the disappointment people have seeing the comments and lack of comment in this forum. if only the writers understood this !!! sigh!!!

  3. you see writers dont care about the audience that make or break a show they have a story to tell and they proceed with the story……because in their minds they think they know whats best…….the audience dont ask for predictability or high intense drama…they ask for simplicity…all these love triangle and revenge really dont exist to the capacity the writers wants us to believe ….and in creating such stories they spoil the best stories……qubool hai was a classic example of a story that started of so well and because of all the stupid story lines it became everyone worse nightmare…..you see writers dont have the ability to keep viewers attention once the lead couples are brought together…so they rather keep them apart and drag the story…what they fail to realise that with all the choices out there people will walk away from the show…….EMA started of very nicely and up to the holi scenes it was good but they decided to drag the story and 4 months kalpi and raghav will still be chasing eachother and paki will always come in their way….i understand the character of raghav to be the mature one and kalpi the naive one….so for me sammy is taking things a little to far……….apoligise and move on…..i would still like if he encourages her to resit her exams and eventually find out what happened……..as for kamla she is a poor mother to kalpi……at this point kalpi needs someone to talk to………..paki is not kalpi’s friend…….paki has never invited kalpi to the mall the club etc….she is not even like her sister……….for paki kalpi is kamla’s daughter and that is the only reason she talks to kalpi…..even in tthe office she refers to her as kamla’s daughter so she has to be nice to her……anyway this story may never be at the top because to the twist and turns of the story……….as well the show is not well promoted………there’s nothing to hint to viewers that this will happen……keeping viewers in suspense is kind of lame…….when there is competion viewers will always look elsewhere……

  4. That is true.whatever you said right.all story writers have the same attitude towards the viewers whatever they write n captured we will watch. sammy is too much interfering and dictating Raghav.

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