Saraswatichandra 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi starts with Anoushka looking for food in the kitchen, in the fridge and Kabir comes there for water and their nokjhok starts. Anoushka is hungry coz she had only some salad in her meeting and Kabir taunts her and leaves. Anoushka promises to teach “Sarou” Kabir a good lesson.
At school, Saras is discussing with the teachers of ways to bring the kids back to school. Saras goes to meet the villagers to convince them but in vain. What to do? How to change these people’s mind?
At home he discusses the matter with the family and they all decide to get the kids to school but how? Anoushka has an idea.
Why not use the drama medium to make these people realize the importance of education? So the Saras troupe is back in the village to present a drama/natak with Danny, Kabir, Yash and Anoushka as students and Saras as the narrator. The children are enthusiastic and happy watching the play. In the play, K, Y and A continued their studies but Danny stopped studying despite being an intelligent child.
Saras, through the play, keeps on highlighting how important it is to be educated so as not to lag behind in life and to realize one’s ambitions and dreams while the children listen attentively. The parents do not seem to be convinced. One lady voices out her opinion. She will not send her child because she cares for her child’s health. The parents are now livid. They warn Saras and his team and go away. They are all dejected. What to do now?
Just then Kumud calls Saras. He hides the truth of him in Ratnanagari. He learns that Kumud is coming with some inspection officers. Saras tells the others to stop them.

All are tensed. The parents have refused to send their kids to school and Anoushka is praying that they change their mind before the officers reach school.

Update Credit to: Om Shree

  1. good but not be explain

  2. Yess i knew it!!anushka is kabirs sister(didi) hmmmmmm ahchelagte ……….bewtufwul ifanyone alse feels like anushka is kabirs sister give a thumbs up…….and reply if udiasgree

    1. Hey Anushka is not kabir’s sis……………she is his Aunt.

  3. looking for nxt

  4. Though Kusum is going to get hooked up with Kabir…

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