Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maddy shows gun to Adi and asks him to pick the photo, Adi looks at the photo and he says Shikha ki photo? From where it came? Maddy says you tell me what this photo is doing in my house, I know you are trying to scare me and threaten me. Adi says why would I do it, Maddy says because you want to get rid of me, as I am in between you and Samaira but I will not let you win. In plotting Shikha Gupta’s murder you too were involved so do not try to act smart with me. Maddy says I kill you now all my secrets will go with you. Servant comes there, he saw the gun and fighting goes and calls whole family to Adi’s room. Mahanto tries to stop Maddy, she is not listening, Mahanto snatches gun from her hand. Maddy says today you escaped death but I will kill you Adi. Servant comes there to inform that police wants to talk to Maddy, Maddy leaves. Mahanto asks Adi, Adi says you asked me to talk to Maddy but she is not ready to listen.
Police shows them sketch of Neeraj and says this man found near spa that day. Police says his name is Neeraj Suchdeva, and asks Maddy do you know him? Maddy says no. Adi looks at the Sketch and then looks at Samaira. Maddy says later I have seen him somewhere. Police leaves, Maddy tells Adi, you must have given money to this guy, you want to kill me. Mahanto says why do you say this? Maddy tells him because Adi has an affair with Samaira. Adi says that’s not true and you are a mother of my child, why would I kill my child’s mother? Mahanto agrees with Adi. Maddy laughs at that and tells Mahanto that you do not know Adi he is bringing Arnav in between to save himself. Mahanto stops Maddy. Adi gives angry look at Samaira.
Sunaina tells Mahanto not to worry, Mahanto says how can I not worry, Maddy is behaving weird. Sunaina says may she has a stress due to work, everything will be fine. Adi tells Maddy I want everything to be normal between us, Maddy says I too want everything to be normal that’s why I want to kill you. Adi says what’s wrong with Maddy and Samaira? One doesn’t say anything and other is not ready to listen. Jay and Arya are talking about Maddy’s behavior and Jay’s chance to become MD soon.
Shikha’s mom tells Shikha, till when we will meet like this? Shikha says soon I am going to win. Neeraj says for that Shikha need love, and gives a gift to shikha through her mom. Shilka looks at it and says Madhurima Jaggannath you don’t know that something like this will happen to you too. Mahi tells her good luck to Shikha. Shikha tells her family that now she will need their help, Mahi says we will be ready for you. Shikha says Maddy got a shock, now it’s Adi’s turn.
Shikha calls Adi to meet somewhere in an hour. Shikha asks Neeraj to be careful as police is searching for him, Neeraj says I spoke to the other police who helped us, He will take care of everything.
Samaira meets Adi, Adi is angry, asks Samaira about Neeraj. Samaira says she hired Neeraj to kill Maddy. Adi says how can you do that, Neeraj is my enemy # 1. Samaira says I got the Idea from you. Adi says you made a big mistake by hiring Neeraj. Anyways police is behind him they will catch him soon, Neeraj comes there and says don’t worry Adi no one will catch him. Adi says how come he is here? Samaira says I called him so that you know he is with us. Adi says I don’t trust him, Neeraj says trust word doesn’t look good on you Adi, you tried to kill me many times. Adi says this time I will kill you, if you act smart. Samaira says Neeraj is working for money he will not say anything to anyone.

Precap: Maddy sees Shikh’a ghost.

Update Credit to: Palijay

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