Saraswatichandra 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 29th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kalika searching the other earring in Kumud’s room. Pramad wakes up and sees her. He gets up and says what are you doing here. Kalika says I came to wake you up and makes excuses. She says Kumud has good sarees and costly jewellery. Pramad says why should I bring anything for you, now I m married. He asks her to go and bring tea for him. Kalika says ask your wife about the tea. She says how can Kumud bring the tea, she is not at home, she went outside with Naveen. Pramad gets angry and looks at Kalika. She says I will bring the tea and leaves. Kalika says she has to stop Kumud from becoming Pramad’s wife. Kumud brings the Krishna idol and places it in the mandir while Saras stands with her. He says even though Krishnaji married Rukmani ji but he was

always named with Radha ji and says Lord Krishna will make Pramad love you. Kumud says Pramad and Krishnaji shares the same birth date. Saras says he has faith that he will make Pramad love her.

Pramad comes to Saras and says he wake up and everything is looking clear. He says I was searching for you Naveen. Kusum asks Kumud’s mom in law about the cradle, she praises the cradle. Kusum says one has to control their kids. Kumud’s mom in law says she was blind folded in Pramad’s love. Kusum goes to the kitchen to bring water for kaki. Kalika asks her to give water to her. Kusum says servants don’t eat before the owners. Kalika says she wants water for Pramad. Kusum asks her to be careful. Kalika asks her not to worry. She says your didi made less spicy dal, I will add tadka and make Pramad eat it. Kusum sees Kalika alright and thinks she is faking the fracture.

Pramad asks where did you went in the morning? Saras says he went to the market along with Kumud as he can’t asks her about Saraswatichandra here at home. He says she wanted to go with you but I make excuse and went along with her. Pramad asks did she tell anything? Saras says he came to know that Saraswatichandra was very religious and was always involved in puja paat. He got his values from his mom. Saras says he followed his mom in the pond but….Even you should engage in puja so that you can get info about Saraswatichandra from Kumud. Saras says I will let you know if I came to know about Saraswatichandra and leaves.

Kumud says she is a liar but why she has been pretending? Kumud says I am worried about her. Kalika takes food for Pramad. Kumud taunts Kalika. Kalika says I will make him eat by my hands, he will like it. Kumud says a person’s respect is equated by his lies or truth. Kumud says are your feet fine now, don’t do any acting infront of me. Kumud says I warned you saying you don’t need to do any of Pramad’s works. Kalika too taunts Kumud. Kumud says if you did not lie, I would have gone with you. Kumud asks Kusum to take the food for Pramad. Kusum takes the food and leaves. Kalika stares at Kumud. Kumud warns Kalika again and says I won’t be quiet always. She says I don’t like to make issues, but I know how to clean my relationship and household. Kumud says I used to teach kids and I know how to deal with spoiled kids. Kalika says listen to me Kumud. She says even I m fed up, its enough now, I will show you who rules over Pramad’s heart. Kalika says wait till tomorrow, I will prove it that he is mine and he will be mine forever. Kalika challenges Kumud. Kumud and Kalika stare at each other.

The next morning, Kumud gets ready and thinks she is fasting for him. She hopes to fulfill the promise she made to Pramad’s mum. Budhidhan praises Kumud. Kumud says this is my first janmashtami and I want a nek from you. Pramad’s mum says we will give you jewels. Kumud asks Budhidhan will you give me what I wish, promise me. Budhidhan promises. Saras looks on. Kumud smiles and brings Budhidhan to Pramad. Budhidhan wishes Pramad happy birthday. Pramad is still in his bed. Pramad is shocked and asks Murakh Das is this true, that my dad is wishing me happy birthday. Budhidhan starts leaving but Kumud signs. Budhidhan says I came here to give you my best wishes. Kumud looks on. Pramad touches his dad’s feet. Saras and Kumud stand at a corner and look at them. Budhidhan gifts him clothes and asks him to wear it in the party. Pramad finds this hard to digest. He tells his dad that I won’t be coming in the puja so whats the need for this clothes, take it back. Budhidhan leaves keeping the clothes there itself. Saras calls Kumud and says Pramad will definitely come in the puja I promise, if Naveen can’t bring him then Saraswatichandra will bring him.

Pramad asks why did Kumud bring milk for him. Is it because its his birthday or because Saraswatichandra liked milk. Kumud is silent hearing Pramad’s taunts.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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