Meri Bhabhi 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 29th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand asking Papa and Mummy to go home. Papa asks him to take care of Shraddha. Papa hugs Shraddha and leaves with Mummy. jasmeet says Shraddha did you get hurt in the court by the lawyer’s comment. She says Bobby wants you to do some mistake. jasmeet says I have seen many people like Bobby, his truth will come out infront of everyone. Kittu says can we keep our talk infront of the judge. jasmeet says yes. She says you have to take care of Shraddha, pretend that you did not hear anything. Anand and Kittu want to cheer up Shraddha and asks her that whether should we go to watch a movie. Shraddha agrees. Kittu asks Kunal to come for the movie. Shraddha talks to Dhruv on phone. Dhruv says Nani is making me eat food, Shraddha says we will come late, we are going to watch a movie. Shraddha asks his permission. Dhruv says ok promise me, that you will tell me a new story. Dhruv says have fun. Dhruv tells Mummy that those guys are going to watch a movie. jaya gets furious.

Papa tells Ashish and Ishaan whatever happened in the court. Ashish says what happened in the end. Papa says Bobby changes his colours. Papa says I m worried that the judge will believe him. jaya comes to Ashish and tells him that can’t we go outside, they have gone to see the movie. She asks Papa is this good. Papa asks Ashish to take jaya and show her a movie. Papa gets angry and says take Ishaan also. Mummy tries to make Papa happy. Mummy asks Papa to be patient and wait till the darkness fades. Papa smiles and hugs her. Kunal asks Kamini where are the car’s keys. Kunal fools her and says I m going with my girlfriend to watch a movie. Kunal says Anand, Kittu and Anand’s sister are going on the movie. Kunal leaves.

Shraddha, Anand and Kittu are watching the movie. Anand says where is Kunal. Kittu waits for him. Kunal takes popcorn outside the movie hall. Shraddha gets a call from Dhruv. She says I will go and talk to him. Shraddha talks to Dhruv and she bumps into Kunal. The popcorn falls. Both of them are shocked to see each other. Shraddha and Kunal says you… Kunal says are you following me. Shraddha says maybe you are following me. Kunal gives her some lively tips. She says did you finish your lecture, shall I go now. Shraddha leaves. Shraddha tells Kittu that she met that guy again. Kittu says lets go, we will teach him a lesson. Shraddha says leave it. Kunal comes in the theatre and looks our for Kittu.

Kunal comes and sits beside Anand. Kittu meets Kunal. Kittu says you have to meet Kunal. Shraddha says hi, nice to meet you, but cannot see their faces. Bobby meets Ashish and Ishaan on the road. He asks them shall I give you lift, I will drop you somewhere. Ashish and Ishaan get angry. Bobby taunts them. Ishaan says I will beat you. Bobby laughs on them.
Ishaan really beats Bobby. Kittu sees Shraddha laughing during the movie and shows it to Anand. They feel happy seeing Shraddha. Ashish calls Anand to the police station.

Kittu tells Shraddha that Bobby and Ishaan got into a fight. Bobby bribes the nurse. Papa and Mummy scold Ishaan for beating Bobby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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