Saraswatichandra 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 28th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Menka that Ghuman is coming to London with him for not coming back. Menka thinks why is Kumud calling her so many times. She says sorry Kumud, I m close to my goal and I can’t make any mistake that anyone doubts on me, I have Dubai tickets, I should leave from here, bye Kumud, bye Ghuman. Yash is angry as he had an argument with Kalika. He thinks about her words and is hurt. Danny comes to him and says we got the big order, we did it. He asks him what happened. Yash says nothing, I m happy for him. Danny comes to Vidyachatur and says they got the order and shows him the advance cheque. Vidyachatur hugs him saying congrats. Danny asks what happened to Yash, he was worried. Vidyachatur says don’t know, now you go and give this good news to everyone, I will see him.

Vidyachatur comes to Yash and sees him crying. He asks did anything happen. He says did Kalika tell you something, sit lets talk. He says couples fight on small things, you should not take it on heart. He says till you both love and respect each other. Yash says no, she does not respect me, she feels I m not capable to keep her happy, I lost. He says Saras and Danny are of my age and they went ahead. Danny brought such a big order and I did not do anything. He says thats why you trust them more than me. Vidyachatur says I don’t do any difference among you three, I m proud of all 3. He says you are taking care of Nandu, and factory in Saras and Danny’s absence. He says I can see clearly that now you are capable of taking the family responsibility. He says I m very happy seeing you. He says you will also do well soon and Kalika will be proud of you, go and talk to her. Yash leaves.

Yash comes to Kalika. She holds her ears and says I m sorry, forgive me please, I was wrong. Yash holds her hand and says I got annoyed, I should have understood you but see I will work double and make your every dream true. He says I have kept one jewellery for you to give you on some special day, but I think I should give you today. Kalika is happy thinking its a gold one and she will give it to Dinesh Bhai. Yash gives her the necklace and she is shocked to see a ring in necklace box. She gets annoyed but smiles infront of him. She says this ring can’t help me. She gets worried. Vidyachatur gets a call and is happy.

He says thanks a lot. Guniyal asks what happened. He says Nandu is becoming well and he can get conscious any day, he says everything is going on fine, my Nandu will get well and come home very soon. He says but we have to be ready and I will not let him go from here now, we will be together always. Guniyal says yes, everything is fine now, I will do the puja today. Kumud and Saras waits for Badimaa. She says Menka is not receiving my call. Badimaa comes home. Saras and Kumud ask her did she find anything. Badimaa says no, I will keep trying, did you talk to Menka. Kumud says she is not answering my call. Saras says if Kabir and Menka are connected then Kabir might be knowing it.

Kumud says but he left for two three days. Saras calls Kabir and asks we came now after you left. He asks when are you coming back. Kabir says its not fixed, I will call later. Saras says fine, you come then we will talk. Kumud asks Saras why did you not ask him. Saras says he is hiding something from us. He says we have to be careful, we will ask him when he comes here. Badimaa says don’t know when we will know Ghuman’s secret.

Kabir comes to meet Ghuman. She dresses in a red saree and looks gorgeous. Kabir talks to her. Ghuman indirectly taunts her and says I did not experience this before, you will not be spared this time. Kabir says is this your warning or love. She says both, if you come to me, you will lose your life. Kabir says I know to snatch in love. She challenges him. He says think again. She smiles. Its morning, Vidyachatur waits for Danny and Saras and says I want to see their faces when I gift them. Danny comes. Vidyachatur asks Saras to come. Saras and Kumud also come. Saras says we will go home and see Menka. Saras comes and asks Kaka what is it. Vidyachatur talks in newspaper mike and tells I have two lovely daughters and more lovely two son in laws.

He says they have always supported us and are like sons. He tells what Danny and Saras did for them. He says my two sons have made me away from all problems. He speaks well and says I m very lucky. He says I love and respect you both, we are all thankful to you. He says Danny and Saras’s relation has only love, trust and forgiveness so I thought to gift them which reminds him what they are for each other. Everyone claps. Vidyachatur gives the gift to them. Danny opens it. They are happy to see the photo frame. Saras and Danny greet Vidyachatur and hug him. Saras hugs Danny. Vidyachatur says we want to see you both always like this, if you fight again, see this photo. Saras says I promise we will always be like this.

Ghuman looks out for Danny at home. She says he is not at home and calls him. Danny throws the phone. Saras looks at him. Ghuman calls again. Danny gets angry. Saras sees the phone and thinks I know what is the pain to be away from a mum, how to save Danny from this pain. He comes to Danny and smiles.

Kabir and Ghuman have a talk. Kabir asks her to trust him and forget everything. Ghuman says I will never be able to forget you. Kumud sees Kabir and Ghuman talking.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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