Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th April 2014 Written Update

Neeraj opens the door and stands tensely. Shikha asks who is there on the door and goes herself to check. She finds her family standing. Avinash says they could not go leaving her alone between the enemies. Sudha also backs Avinash. Shikha says she has to fight alone. Avinash says why will she fight alone if he is there. Shikha says Aditya can do anything. Avinash says he can take my life, but I cannot leave you alone and says once I lost you and cannot lose you again. Shikha gets emotional and hugs her parents.

Aditya comes to his cabin and acts as being tensed. Madhu sees him tensed and remembers mechanic’s words that Aditya was with him yesterday night.

Neeraj brings snacks for Shikha and says Sudha prepared it. He asks her not to worry about her parents as he will not let them happen anything. Shikha says she knows he will protect them. Neeraj asks then why is she tensed. She says she does not know what is happening between Madhu and Aditya. She says her battlefield is Jagannath house and it is difficult for her to enter there, but she she has to do something.

Aditya throws dismissal letter on Madhu’s table and says if she has decided him to dismiss from AMD’s post, he is okay with it, but she has to be careful as Jai is behind MD’s position and wants us to be separated. Once he becomes AMD, nobody can stop him from becoming MD. He says she is angry on him for such small things and says she always thinks he lies. He says her bye and tries to go. Madhu says he does not have to go anywhere and asks him sorry for misbehaving with him. Aditya asks if she is sure. She says yes. He holds her and says he is happy. Madhu says she is revoking her decision as she does not want Jai to be on AMD’s seat, but she has not forgiven him and still doubts him. He says he will clear her doubts soon.

Aditya says he worked hard to become AMD of company, soon he will be chairman of Jagannath group. He gets a call from Samaira. He smiles seeing her call and calls her sweetheart. Samaira says he called her princess and now calling her sweetheart, she says he will leave her like Shikha after some time. Aditya says he will not leave her. She says she is standing outside his office building and asks him to come down. He says he cannot. She says she will come up else. He agrees, comes out and gets into her car. She tries to hug her, but he stops her and asks driver/Neeraj to take them from here. Once they are out, Aditya asks Samaira not to give surprises as he is in trouble because of it. She says she came to say him sorry and gives him flower bouquet. He accepts it and says thank you.

A man comes in a car to Jagannath house and gets in. He meets Mohanto. Mohanto is puzzled to see him. Man introduces himself as Amit Seth, Samaira Seth’s father. Avinash has come in disguise as Samaira’s father. He asks sorry to come without informing them. He asks where is his daughter. Mohanto and Sunaina asks if Samaira did not come to Switzerland as she left long back. Amit/Avinash says how can it be possible. Sunaina says she will call Aditya and check. Aditya is about to hug Samaira, but stops after getting a call. Sunaina informs him that Samaira’s dad has come and is very tensed that Samaira has not reached Switzerland. Aditya promises he will get Samaira back soon and cuts the call. Samaira shockingly asks where did my father come from. He says he came from Switzerland and says let us go home. Neeraj/Driver comes back. Aditya says driver is very arrogant. Aditya asks why is she tensed instead of getting happy to meet her dad. Samaira says she does not want to go to Jagananth house and wants to go to her house first. Aditya says he does not understand why she does not want to meet her father, what is the problem. Samaira says what will she say her dad, she did not go to Switzerland and is staying in India. She says his family might have told her dad about it. Aditya says why is she tensed so much for such a small thing. He says let time come, we will reveal our relationship to everyone. Samaira thinks who came as my papa, he may ruin my plan.

Precap: Madhu sees Samaira in her house and asks why is she here.

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