Saraswatichandra 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 27th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud doing stitching. Badimaa comes to her and asks what she is doing, Kumud says I’m stitching (Didn’t show us what!!), Badimaa shows her how to do. Danny comes to Kumud and says why are you working so much today, Danny is about to say that Kumud is fasting, Kumud stops him. Danny tells her that you kept the fast for Saras, he helps her in her work. (Danny is no less in looks!!) Kusum says it looks like he will help you out in your work in Dubai, she laughs. Danny and Kumud leave from the hall. Kumud asks Kumari where you are going, Kumari says I’m going to Chaya’s house. Kumud requests Danny to go after her, as she might be going to meet Umesh. Danny says no, Kumud says go after her, Kumari will not get angry, can you do this favour for me, Danny says ok, and leaves. Kumari looks around and Danny follows her quietly. Kumari goes to police station. (She is more silly than Ghuman, she needs a good lesson, anyone there!!) Danny stops her. Kumari says what are you doing here, she says its because of you Saras came to know about me. Danny says you are going to meet Umesh, this is not right. He tells her not to misunderstand him. Kumari says ok, I’m going home, don’t tell anyone about this. She leaves.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras leaves for home. Ghuman comes and asks where are you going in hurry, he says for a important meeting and leaves. The staff congratulates Ghuman and she also congratulates them for the merger as they have worked hard. Ghuman sees an envelope. She opens it and smiles reading the letter.

Saras leaves in his car smiling, (A very big smile indeed!!) Ghuman after reading the letter says Oh, so that is why you were in hurry Saras. She calls Laxminandan and asks him where are you, I’m in office, she says I have a great idea for the merger, you come I will tell you. Laxminandan says ok, I’m on the way. Ghuman says Kumud now see how I will turn the table. She smiles.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud messages Saras. Saras gets her message, he reads it and smiles. He replies her. They both have a text chat. Badimaa and Guniyal are making laddus. Kumud smiles. Saras writes your voice is in my heart. Kumud chats with him, while Badimaa and Guniyal are making the evening plans. Saras writes we will talk in every way possible. (Message talk, eye talk, voice talk, and even breath talk!! Does not know how it will be, any learners ready for it??) Kumud laughs, Badimaa asks why are you smiling, Chandrika comes in a annoyed state, she says Gyaan said he won’t be able to come today. Guniyal says its ok, you can still keep the fast and understand him in every way. Kumud says Kaki, will you also see the photo and break the fast, Chandrika says yes. Badimaa asks Chandrika to get ready as if Gyaan is coming.

Kumud calls Saras. Danny is seen talking to someone, Kumud still tries calling Saras. Kusum comes to Kumud with some food, Kumud says today I will not eat anything. Kusum eats it and runs to have water as it was spicy. Kumud sees the food and then looks at incomplete drawing of Saras. Kusum comes back and asks her to eat. She says no, I won’t. Kumud says the call is not connecting. Kusum says did he forget you, Kumud says he cannot. Kusum teases her. Kumud says you always speak the foolish things. (Really true, this is her role to make Kumud afraid by speaking the worst things possible!!) Kusum says Saras won’t come and you will have to marry someone else, she jokes and leaves. (If this happens, Kumud should shoot Kusum first!!) Danny comes to Kumud and asks is everything fine, she says yes. Danny says it does not look you are fine, she says Saras’s phone is not connecting, Danny says relax, he might be busy, he will call you soon. (Danny is far better than Kusum!!)

Scene shifts to Ghuman:

Ghuman and Laxminandan are having a talk about her Karwachauth and the merger. Ghuman says shall we party tonight, Laxminandan agrees. Ghuman gets happy. (The oldies get romantic again!!) Laxminandan says I will ask Saras is he free, Ghuman says he will come with you in the party, as its important for him too. Ghuman says tonight we will become a big company and everyone will look to you and your son. Ghuman thinks tonight you and your son will be separated.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Badimaa says you are looking very good Kumud, in a saree. (Kumud looks beautiful in a red saree!!) Kumud smiles and makes everything ready. She hears Saras’s voice, and gets happy.

Saras appears, Kusum turns and sees him nowhere. She sighs. Mann ke dor.. plays.. (We were waiting for the song!!) She gets a rose, she smiles. She says I knew you will come. Danny comes there and she says I’m not the one. Danny leaves. Kumud gets a message from Saras with some filmi adorable lines. She smiles reading it. The women see the moon. Kusum fools everyone saying look the moon has come. Everyone look for the moon, Kusum laughs. Kumud comes there, Yash’s mother asks Kumud to see all this, as she has to keep the fast next year alone. Kusum asks how will you break the fast in front of everyone.

Kumud is breaking the fast with Saras’s drawing and he really comes. (Yipee!!!!) Kumud is happily shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. omg!!!! finally saras comes soo excited 4 2morrow’s eppisode…:) <3

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