Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2013 Written Update

Jhumki comes to Prem and Simar and tells them, I feel very bad seeing Sid like this. Prem says, we don’t know what he is going through, but I just hope he doesn’t say anything to the family until court makes its decision. Sid comes there and says, I won’t. He apologizes to them and says, after I saw Jhumki fighting for this family, I felt I was wrong. Jhumki is happy. He also tells Prem, you did right thing by not telling me anything about your plan, otherwise I might not be able to control my emotions. I didn’t get shocked because you hid the truth, but got shocked because I realized that I may have lost Roli forever. He says, I want to stay alone for a while and leaves from there.

Bantu is in kitchen getting milk for him. Khushi comes there and says, I am also alone in this house like you, I am not bad. She offers him to be friends and says, you will benefit from this. Bantu is thinking. Khushi makes him greedy by saying she will give him lots of chocolates. Bantu smiles and shares his milk with her. Khushi says in her mind, he is such a fool.. joined hands with his sister’s enemy just for some chocolates. She then asks him, why didn’t you come to see the show? The show was so good. Bantu smiles. Khushi says, you must know those people as they are from Laxmanpur. Bantu now says, I don’t watch dramas. Khushi asks him to drink milk. Bantu says, you first. Khushi drinks and spills it out as Bantu mixed something. Bantu laughs and runs away.

Later, Bantu is painting. Khushi comes and takes the brush away. She threatens him and he is very scared. Jhumki comes and saves him. She asks Khushi, how you dare to touch him. Khushi says, who are you to ask me. I can do anything I want. Jhumki says, sure you can, but stay away from Bantu.. you have nothing to do with him. Khushi asks, why are you feeling bad for this orphan? Jhumki says, for me he is my own. Khushi remembers Veeru’s words and provokes Jhumki more by saying bad about Bantu. Jhumki cannot hear it anymore and reveals that Bantu is her real younger brother. Khushi smiles.

Khushi says, I knew this already, now I will go and tell this to Bharadwajs. Jhumki says, you already knew I am Jhumki, right? Today I am confessing, yes I am Jhumki from Laxmanpur. What will you do? She pushes Khushi back and Khushi doesn’t know what to say. In end she says, I won’t get scared from you. You will scare now because I am going to tell truth to everyone. Jhumki asks, what do you think they will trust you? Khushi says, they will have to when I tell them you confessed this. Jhumki laughs and asks, do you have any proof? witness? Jhumki asks Bantu, did you hear or see anything here? Bantu says, no, I was sitting alone here. I didn’t see anyone. Jhumki shouts at Khushi, if you still think they will listen to you, then go and tell everyone. Khushi leaves in anger. First Jhumki, and then Bantu decide to teach lesson to Khushi.

Khushi is angry in her room. Bantu hides outside with intentions of teaching lesson to Khushi as she bothered his sister. Khushi calls Veeru and tells him everything. While she is busy on the phone, Bantu quietly goes in. Veeru tells Khushi, don’t worry, her anger will help us only. Provoke her again, and this time record everything. That recording will helps us in the court then. Meanwhile, I will try to find proof from her group. Bantu leaves after doing something beside Khushi’s bed. Khushi turns back and is shocked.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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