Saraswatichandra 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 26th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum arguing with Kumud. Kumud is shocked to see Kusum saying this. Kumud says you are misunderstanding me. Kusum says you did this, as you want to get Saras. Kumud shouts. Kusum cries and leaves. Kumud runs after her. Danny talks to Saras about Grah Pravesh. Saras says yes, you are newly married, the time is less, come with me. Danny says will Kusum agree. Saras says what do you think. Danny thinks about Kusum and says maybe. Saras says if you feel so, she will surely come. Saras and Danny hear Kumud stopping Kusum.

Dada ji and everyone arrive home. Saras says we came early as we have to do Kusum’s Grah Pravesh. Kumud is worried. Dada ji asks Saras to do the arrangements. He asks Badimaa to help Saras. Badimaa asks Kumud to make Kusum ready. No one hears Kumud and leave. Kalika thinks what happened to Kusum, why is she silent. Yash takes Dada ji inside while Kumud tries to talk to him. Saras comes to his house and is making the arrangements with Danny. Kumud comes to Saras. Saras says its good you came, we are confused. He says I asked Danny to bring flowers and he brought this plastic ones. He says you keep this.

Kumud says so you did this. Saras says what did I do. Kumud says why is Dada ji talking out marriage. Saras says I don’t know anything about this, who told you. Badimaa comes and says dad thinks it will be good for Kusum if you both marry, she will forget Saras if you both get married. Badimaa says even I think dad is right. Danny hears all this. Kusum is in her room staring at the mirror. Kalika comes to her and fills her ears against Kumud. Kusum cries. Kalika smiles seeing her.

Kusum says what should I do, no one understands me, everyone are pushing me towards this marriage. Kalika says go and stand up against this marriage and tell everyone that you won’t compromise. Kalika says you have to fight with everyone to get your right, go and tell this to Dada ji that you won’t keep this relation, he will listen to you. Kusum leaves. Kalika laughs and says poor Kusum.

Kumud is watching Saras do the arrangements for Grah Pravesh. She smiles seeing him and he acts rude. She comes to him and he moves away. The flowers fall on Kumud and she smiles. Saras looksa t her. Mann ke Dor………….. plays…………………… They have an eyelock and the petals are still dropping on them. A petal sticks to Kumud’s nose and he tries to take it off but does not. She removes it and also some petals from his head. She says this time it was my mistake, but I don’t do much mistake, so its fine. Saras says do you mean to say sorry. They smile seeing each other. Saras gets closer to her and she closes her eyes. He removes the petal over her head and she laughs.

Kusum comes to Dada ji and finds him resting. She knocks the door and Dada ji says come in my princess. He gets up and says come, sit here. Kusum sits by his side and says Dada ji, I want to tell you something. He says say. She says its about me and Danny. She says the time has come to take the decision. Dada ji starts feeling unwell and his hand shakes and he holds his chest.

Guniyal comes to Kalika and asks where is Kusum. Kalika says I don’t know, she went from her room, she was saying she has to talk something important to Dada ji. Guniyal rushes to Dada ji fearing Kusum can say anything to him. Kumud asks where is Danny. Saras says I have sent him to bring flowers. Kumud says Dada ji is thinking what you are thinking. She says do you think, if we get married, Kusum will settle down with Danny. Badimaa comes to them and says Guniyal called and said about dad’s health………. Saras and Kumud are shocked.

The doctor checks Dada ji and tells everyone about the blockage in his heart and the need of operation. The doctor asks why did you not do his treatment before. Saras comes and says because Dada ji did not tell anyone that he is really ill. Saras talks to Dada ji and says you cheated me, if I knew this, I would have not asked you to help me. Kumud says don’t joke about your health, why did you not tell me that you are really ill. Dada ji says to teach you a lesson. Dada ji says I have to get you married to Saras, I won’t die without doing this work. Saras says you have broken the rules and my heart by hiding this fact, I m annoyed with you.

Guniyal asks Kalika what did Kusum tell to Dada ji. Kalika says how would I know. Guniyal says tell me what is it. Kalika says promise me that you won’t tell Kusum that I told you this. Guniyal says ok. Kalika says Kusum went to tell Dada ji that she does not want to do Grah Pravesh with Danny as she does not want to be Danny’s wife. Guniyal is worried and gets angry and leaves. Kalika smiles. Kusum is crying in her room. Guniyal comes to her and says now are you happy, see what did you do with Dada ji. Kusum says I did not tell him anything. Guniyal does not believe her and says I know everything, you are adamant. She says if anything happens to Dada ji because of you, I won’t ever see your face, go and apologize to Dada ji and tell him that you are ready for Grah Pravesh. Kusum says but mum……. Guniyal says go.

Kumud says Dada ji you have decided about my and Saras’s marriage, when were you going to tell me. She says I know you took this decision for Danny and Kusum, even we want this, but we know Kusum, she will be more hurt by my and Saras’s marriage. Dada ji says Saras will speak on my behalf. Saras tells Dada ji that Kumud is right, I want to marry Kumud as I want to spend my life with her, but as you say if the hearts are linked, the relation is not dependent on sindoor. She says Kumud and I are united and will always be, so we don’t want to hurt Kusum and make the start of our marriage.

He says when Kusum and Danny accepts each other, that day we will……. Kusum comes to Dada ji and says she is ready for her Grah Pravesh. Kumud, Dada ji and Saras are happy. Kalika hears this and smiles.

Kusum is doing the Grah Pravesh with Danny. The petals fall on Danny and Kusum. Kalika is happy and claps thinking everything will be ruined in few days.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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