Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu has to do all the moping of the house. She is unable and tired. She falls on the floor and all the washing water drops on her face. She finds it really disgusting. Sahil laughs at her. She is slipping on the floor. Nettu says Kamla was it necessary to leave yet. Because of her I had to send Poki out of town. She would have helped me out. Sahil says Kamla bai has told her everything except for the household how could she help you.

Scene 2
Paki is on her way. She recalls seeing Raghav and smiles. She recalls him entering the college and when she saw him on the road. Suddenly her jaw drops of amusement.
She sees his car. She wonder God is that some sign. She asks driver to stop the car. meeting twice in a single day. She gets out of the car and knocks his window. He is talking to someone phone. She says hi sir are you following me ? He says we can decide in court who is following whom. She says okay if I’m no wrong you are not doing any business deal here, then what are you doing ? He says my car has broken down. She says may I drop you ? He says I don’t seek anyone’s help. Its late go home. He closes the window and starts talking on call. Paki asks driver to get water she opens the bonnet and takes something out. She says to him my car has broken as well. He gets out of the car and starts moving towards his. The driver gives paki water. Raghav looks at the engine takes out what paki has stored there. Paki sits in her car and Raghav in his.

Scene 3
Kalpi goes to Varma. He asks what are you doing here ? She says I have come here to see the papers. He says okay then read the papers you will understand that its of Kapoors. He shows her the papers that shows that Singhniya sold that site to Kapoors. He says you have just 45 hours get out of the chowl. Kalpi is disappointed.
She goes to Varma again and asks can I take these papers can you give me the copy of them.

Scene 4
Paki’s massi brings her cookies. She says why nettu lied to me you are okay ? SShe says actually I lied. I wanted to meet you I was missing you so much.
Vitthal is discussing the protest with everyone. kalpi comes in and tells Vitthal that its written that this chowl belongs to Kapoors. Vitthal takes a look again at the papers and says Kalpi these are not the signs of Singhaniya sir. She says are you sure ? He says I have worked with him day and night. Kalpi says we can win the we just need a proof. She says let me tell Ai. He stops her and says I don’t want her hopes to break. let us both decide what to do.
Everyone is discussing how to move forward. Vitthal is rummaging along with Kalpi for some papers that can proof that signs are fake. They find a file in which there are signature of Singhaniya. She looks closely to them. She says look baba both are different signs. Vitthal smiles. She says no one can kick us out now. She says can I tell Ai now ? He says yes.

Scene 5
Down there Kamla is motivating everyone. Kalpi asks her to come on a side. Vitthal tells her that she has come up with a solution. She tells her that the papers show that this site belongs to Kapoors but the signature are fake. Vitthal says Kapoor will be in jail now. No one can touch our chowl. Kamla says to kalpi you shouldn’t jump into all this. Baba needs rest take him up.

Scene 6
Nettu asks Ritty to keep paki there for 35 hours. Mausi cancels the call with neetu, paki says she wanna call neeto can she take her phone, mausi is skeptical and again calls neetu saying cancel the order, neetu understand what she means. Paki is worried that why kamla is not picking the call.

kamla gives tea to vitthal and says its good you checked about signs but you should not roam around as your health will detor, pakiya second with kamla, vitthal says i am all right. He ask kamla what happened? She says what if something happens to you? Vitthal ask her to relax as when you are with me nothing will happen to me, he makes her smile and hug her. Kamla ask kalpi how was your papers? Kalpi answers rudely and goes out. Pakiya goes after her. Kamla eyes paper

Precap- kamla says to neetu that these papers have fake signatures of singhania but before going to court or to police i thought to inform you, please take the case back else i will show this in court..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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