Saraswatichandra 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 26th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa asking Kusum hows everything there. Kusum is about to tell about Saras but stops and says everything is fine. Kumud hears her and gets relieved. Kusum says what we saw there, it happens daily here. Pramad drinks wine daily and everyone is tensed because of him. She says everyone is good and cares for Kumud. Kusum says Kumud hopes that she can hope Pramad. Vidyachatur asks what happened to Kumud, shall I bring her back. Badimaa says Kusum said Kumud is fine, maybe Kumud’s decision is right. Once Pramad changes, then Kumud will be happy, let her try, maybe she will win.

Pramad and Saras are on the way. Pramad says what a breeze, I wish Kalika……… He says I wish someone was with me, it would have been fun. He asks Saras to tell him about

him. Saras says there is nothing to say or hide. Pramad laughs and asks him about love. Saras says I fear of making relations. Pramad says did anyone break your heart or did you love anyone? Saras says I loved someone, and I broke her heart and mine too. Pramad asks what do you mean and asks him to stop the car. Saras stops the car. Pramad says lets go to this dhaba and get freshen up. Saras says Kumud gave you food, then why to go to Dhaba. Pramad says I love drinking and laughs. Pramad says I get special wine here, lets drink together.

Pramad’s mum and Kumud are doing the arrangements for Lord Krishna’s birthday. Pramad’s mum says you will be serving the Makhan to Pramad. Kumud says sure, but if he does not drink wine. Saras asks Pramad do you need wine daily. Pramad says yes and tells Alak gave you a new life. Saras says you are right, I did not know that day why I am alive, but I got a reason to live now, and also want to give a reason to you. Pramad says I m your boss, I will give you an aim. He says my aim is to know about Kumud and Saraswatichandra. Saras is shocked. Pramad says find Saraswatichandra for me. Pramad’s mum says how Pramad got the drinking habit. She says I feel sorry for him. She tells Kumud about few incidents about Pramad and Kalika. Kumud says I don’t have any complain about Pramad, I promise I will rectify your mistake.

Pramad tells Saras that Kumud was engaged to Saras, she is my wife but cry for Saraswatichandra. He says I m sure that Kumud was having an affair with that man, I sa in her eyes, she could not forgive him. Saras says why are you telling me about your wife, have food. Pramad laughs and says I know Kumud does not know about my likes, maybe she cooked food for Saraswatichandra. Saras says she has sent this food for you, have food. Pramad says what do you think, is that guy also trying to reach Kumud. Saras says keep me out of this. Pramad says I would have known everything that day, but Inspector Solanki…. Saras is shocked and says where did you meet him. Pramad says do you know him.

Saras says what name did you take, I thought you named someone else, I don’t know him. Pramad says I would have asked Solanki, but he was too much drunk. Saras gets tensed and thinks how he was beaten up by Umesh Solanki and his gang. Pramad says will you do my work. Saras says we should leave now, its late. Kalika comes to kitchen where Kumud and Kusum are cooking. Kusum and Kumud see Kalika. Kalika says can I help you. Kusum says no and taunts her asking her to leave. Kalika leaves. Kalika sees Pramad’s mum sleeping and thinks its a good chance to find out what Kumud was doing in Saras’s room. Saras is driving. Pramad says why are you feeling bad, you are reacting like I asked you about your fiance. Pramad says speak something Saraswatichandra. Saras is shocked and looks at him.

Pramad says I got used to take Saraswatichandra’s name. He asks Saras when will you start doing my work. Saras does not reply. Pramad asks him to stop the car. He forces Saras to stop the car and says we have to find out about Kumud and her lover. Saras says ask you wife. Pramad says I asked her, do you also want to know what she said. Pramad says I m her husband, how will I be without knowing anything. Saras looks on. Pramad says Kumud looks decent and simple, but she is actually not. Saras gets angry. He says Kumud did not let me know anything about Saraswatichandra. He says she started on his name and told me the story of his mum’s name. He says I did not understand what she said. He repeats Kumud’s words. Pramad orders Saras to look at him. Saras looks at him. Pramad says I m not asking your help, I am telling you that you will find about Saraswatichandra and give me the information. Saras says I won’t do it. Pramad orders him. Saras says we should go home now. Pramad says stop, else…. Saras says else what… Pramad gets angry and hits on Saras’s face. Saras touches the blood coming out from his mouth and gets up.

Saras controls his anger and gives a stare to Pramad. Saras thinks about Kumud’s oath and stops his hand midway in the air. Pramad says so you know your limits or should I explain you further. Kalika comes to Saras’s room and says I will leak out your secret soon. She checks his cupboard and gets few things.


Pramad’s mum sees Saras hurt and asks him what happened. Kumud is worried seeing him. Pramad’s mum says bring the first aid. Pramad enters and says no need.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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