Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
School’s bell rings and all the students go rushing to the bus. The maid counts all the students and finds out that a girl Palak is missing. The little girl comes in the bus and says i was going to pluck a flower for you, this is your last day. Driver says, so you are going on a complete rest by tomorrow. She nods and says my husband has asked me to stay home this is my seventh month of pregnancy. A kid asks is there a child in your stomach ? She smiles and says yes, you were also in your mom’s womb no? He says no they brought me from the hospital. Kamla smiles. Driver asks, if she wants a girl or boy? She says my husband wants a girl. Then the flash back of her time comes in front of her eyes. The way he is dreaming things for their daughter. They both anticipated of giving her high education. Driver asks he has a son too? she says yes and i will make him engineer and tells that he studies in municipality school.

Scene 2
There at the municipality school Kamla’s husband goes to pick their son. He tell his son that his mom will stay home onwards.

Scene 3
A boy in bus asks Kamla to get him to washroom. She asks prem (another boy) to let him use his washroom. She says okay i am not your friend but this is your boy. In elevator the lift man refuses to let her enter and says you have to use the other one. When she reaches there she finds that it isn’t working. The guard asks her to go through stairs.
She goes in a lot of trouble. She crosses 10 floors. Anand and prem go in the house where his mother asks to show him the washroom. Kamla enters in a house where a lady is talking on phone to her husband complaining about no one at the house. Kamla asks if this is prem’s house? She asks if she is here looking for work? She tells that she brought Anand here. She gets angry but suddenly starts screaming. Kamla stops figuring that she is pregnant. Kamla goes to her, she is screaming bit harder. Kamla asks her to calm downa and brings her the water.


Scene 4
Kamla who is not well her self looked in all of the kitchen for water. The woman’s husband enters in and finds Kamla taking care of his wife. Sahil asks what has happened? She says i am about to diet of this pain out. She tells that Anand had to go to washroom so i came here. Kamla is leaving.

Scene 5
A man gives Kamla some money for what has she done. She is reluctant. He says don’t take me wrong but the offer that madam has given you, should be contemplated over. They wont give you much of work. She says my husband doesn’t like me to work as a maid in houses. His new work is about to settle and he doesn’t like me working in someone’s house.

Scene 6
Kamla finds her husband is going? She thinks maybe the mill is about to start.
Whereas there a quarrel is on going. And Kamla and her son here are anticipating to hear something good this day.

Scene 7
Kamla is with her son who says i will also skip school onwards and i will work with you. She stops him saying i will not let you skip school.

Scene 8
There are some gangsters at the mill again not letting them start up.

Precap-Kamla talks to her husband to about the offer. She then goes to her and consents to work.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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