Saraswatichandra 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud thinking about Saras’s words while lighting the lamps. She cries. Saras comes to her and holds her hands. She looks at him and they are a lightly eyelock. O piya………………….. plays……………………….. he brings fruits for her and asks her to have some. She signs no. He says fine, even I won’t have food today and will go to sleep being hungry. She holds his hand and says have fruits. He smiles. She makes him eat and he makes her eat the fruits. Music……….. plays…………………… Kuch na kahe bas chup rahe………………….. plays……………….. Saras touches her face passionately and shares her tears. They turn the other side and then look back at each other.

They walk in opposite directions crying. Its morning, Dada ji is playing the shank being in the house’s mandir. Everyone are behind him. Dada ji says I m excited to go to Ratnagiri. Badimaa says I will call the children for aarti. Dada ji says wait, I need to talk to you all first. He says I have to talk to Vudyachatur. He says I want to talk about Kumud and Saras. Kumud and Saras are keeping the luggage in the car. Saras gets hurt by her bag and she says sorry. He says I m getting punished for hiding the talk from you. He keeps the bag and says Kumud you have to talk to Kusum. He says you know I can’t do this without you, see Kumud, Danny and Kusum are now in a relation and we have to bring them closer, only we can do this.

Kumud says I want Kusum to be happy, not any sacrifice. Saras says Danny loves her and will always keep her happy, I think we should do that what is right for her. Kumud says what should we do, force her to go with Danny and settle with him. Saras says its not a bad idea, after going to Ratnagiri, why not bring Kusum to our house, what do you say. Kumud looks at him. Dada ji tells Vidyachatur that Kumud can’t be single the whole life. He says Saras is the best for him. He praises Saras. He says why are we afraid, about the society? Badimaa says no, we also want them to get married, but once Kusum and Danny settle down then we will see. Yash’s mum says I will tell you the truth.

Guniyal says Dada ji knows everything. Dada ji says I knew everything before you all told me, he says Saras called me to save Kusum and Danny’s marriage, so I called you all here. Everyone are shocked. Kumud tells Saras that Kusum won’t enter your house with Danny. Saras says she will do the Grah Pravesh, I want to see if you can do this for Kusum. Vidyachatur says Kumud will not listen to us. Dada ji says we should make Kumud marry Saras. Guniyal says you don’t know about Kusum.

Dada j says I know she tried to commit suicide, she was like this since childhood. Vidyachatur says Kusum loves Saras, we can’t be strict towards her as she is mentally weak. We can only make her realize that Saras is not hers and can be never hers. Dada ji says don’t worry Guniyal. I will explain this to Kusum. He asks them to leave and he will come later with the children. Saras tells Kumud that everything is in her hands now. Kumud sees Kusum coming. Kusum tells Saras I have to keep her bag. She keeps her bag. Saras sees Danny coming and goes to him.

Kusum talks to Kumud and says are you all thinking that Dada ji is coming, so I will go to Danny, she says I will go to my house whatever happens and you will help me in this. Kumud looks on. Kusum sits in the car. Kumud is worried and sits with Kusum. Saras comes to them and asks Kumud to sit in the front seat and let Kusum sit with her husband. Kusum stops Kumud and says no. Kumud leaves Kusum’s hand and goes out of the back seat. Danny sits by Kusum’s side.

Yash’s mum scolds Kalika for taking bath for a longer time. Kalika says I was washing my hair. Yash’s mum says pack my bag now and taunts her. She says now Kumud will be going with Saras being Laxminandan’s bahu, but lets see what Ghuman does. Kalika is shocked to know about Saras and Kumud’s marriage. Yash’s mum scolds her and leaves. Kalika says I have to give this fresh news to Kusum. Kalika sees Saras, Danny, Kusum and Kumud leave.

They reach Ratnagiri. Kusum takes her bag and does not take Danny’s help. Kumud asks Danny to stay with them at her house and go to his house the next morning. Kumud asks Kusum to open the guest room for Danny. Kusum says I m tired. Kumud says even we all are tired, open the room. Kusum leaves. Saras says not bad, I want Kusum to come in our house and its your work to do this. Saras and Kumud also walk inside the house. Danny is in the guest room with Kusum changing the pillow covers. She gives him a towel and leaves. Kumud comes to Kusum and says get ready soon, Kusum asks why, don’t you know I m fed up of acting, why should I get ready now. Kumud says its your Grah Pravesh in Danny’s house.

Kusum is shocked. Kusum gets a call from Kalika who informs her about Kumud and Saras’s marriage. She says Dada ji thought about this and everyone are ready. Kusum looks at Kumud and asks why are you doing this. Kumud says because thats your husband’s house, he loves you a lot, give this marriage a chance for my sake, I want to see you happy. Kusum says you want to see yourself happy, you want to remove me from your way so that you can marry Saras without any problem. (Someone slap this shameless Kusum, or stick a tape to her mouth and shut her off!!)

Kusum says you should have told me that Dada ji wants you both to get married, see I m happy, congrats. She hugs Kumud. Kumud says what are you saying. Kusum says don’t hide your happiness from me, see I m smiling. Kusum says you might have known about your marriage with Saras. Kumud says whose call was it. Kusum says you knew that I was getting marred to Danny, not Saras. Kumud asks I did not know about this. Kusum says you want to make me away from this house so that you can marry Saras.

Kusum argues with Kumud. The sisters have a catfight with Kusum being the domination one. They talk about Saras.

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