Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla says to Nettu that the property you are about to abuiled mall on, is our house. Our children live there and we won’t let you have it. When the poor wake up they shake the whole world. Nettu says are you threatening me ? You have got a lot of benefits in the name of Poki. Nettu says to everyone don’t get in her emotional drama. She asks the security men to get the people who want to work in and remove rest of the people. She calls them garbage. Her driver says you told us our value by calling us garbage. We don’t wanna work at such place where we are called garbage.

Scene 2
Sammy comes to Raghav and says you won’t believe what has happened. Raghava says Kamla bai has started a protest against Kapoors. Sammy says wow you keep an eye on all the happenings. Why don’t you solve their problem. its so easy for you. He says I know when to do what. Let me make another prediction. Sammy asks what ? Raghav says if someone has a little mind in that chowl that person will come to you to find me. Sammy says but who will ? Raghav says that’s their problem

Scene 3
Nettu is really angry at the protestants.
Mummy asks Nettu why is she worried. Nettu says they are challenging me. I will tell Kamla. Sahil says i haven’t got coffee since the morning and y Kamla is your problem. nettu says they cheat the people who favor them. Prem says you will get wrinkles and dark circles if you get angry. Then how will I tell everyone that my mom is so young. Nettu says you are right why should I waste my time and energy. There is just one problem kamla has left the job. Sahil says what will happen if Poki gets to know. Nettu says i will her to puna.
Sahil gets a call from the driver who tells him that the car has been toed.

Scene 4
Paki is on the road looking for a lift or rickshaw. She thinks she can’t even call home they will be angry at him. She stops a rickshaw in which Kalpi is there. Paki says you stopped for me I can’t believe. Paki says you are so confident that you will win I have done so much preparation. Kalpi says stop talking otherwise I will kick you out. Paki says you won’t do that after all you are daughter of Kamla maa.

Scene 5
Pakiya asks Vitthal whats wrong ? He says that I am useless whole of my life. Kamla is fighting for her rights and Kalpi is fighting for her studies. And I am here sitting idle. Pakiya says everything will be all right baba.

Scene 6
The exam is going on. On the other hand the protest too. kamla is busy in motivation people. Prem gets a cal and tells Sahil about the deal they both hug.
Paki gets out of the college. She asks the driver he got the car ? He says yes. Sir got it. Paki says you tell papa? Nettu calls Paki. Paki asks why are you calling me ? Nettu says how was the exam ? Nettu says I got a call from puna massi is not good. She is missing you so much. Paki says oh okay I will go there tomorrow. Nettu says you should go today. I have places the tickets in the car. Paki says what I should leave from here ? I won’t go without meeting Kamla maa. nettu says she is working here I will send her to puna. Paki wonders why is massi ji remembering her. She leaves.
Prem and Sahil see the protest and go in furious.
People in chowl are discussing their condition. Pakiya says lets do some fight. Vitthal says are you out of your mind. Kamla gets in with more people. Vitthal motivates them.
Kalpin wonders will the plan of ai work ? How can I help her. Its my responsibility too.

Precap- Kalpi goes to Varma he says you have just 48 hours left. Go and leave the chowl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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